CCAD Animation goes around the world in 24 hours

participants of animation 24 hour contest


For 16 years, the 24 Hours Animation Contest for Students challenges participants to create a 30-second film based on a given theme in a designated 24-hour period. This year, the competition, which ran Friday, Oct. 5–Saturday, Oct. 6, drew 219 teams from 49 schools across the globe, including five teams from CCAD Animation.  

Check out the finished films created by CCAD students below, and find the full 24 Hours playlist here.


Team Bekah and the Nunns

Sidney Gale (Animation, 2020)

Maddie Carreiro (Animation, 2020)

Addi Wallace (Animation, 2019)

Ben Heuser (Animation, 2020)

Jovan Wilson (Animation, 2020)


Team GesundTitans

Justin Reed (Animation, 2021)

David Roderick (Animation, 2020)

Mason Ritter (Animation, 2021)

Jenna Jewell (Animation, 2021)

Mackenzie Bigley (Animation, 2021)


Team Looney Goonies

Ryan Cunningham (Animation, 2019)

Maura Peterson (Animation, 2019)

Francis Amisola (Animation, 2019)

David Mason (Animation, 2019)

Nic Hearl (Animation, 2019)


Team Milestone

Trevor Wills (Animation, 2022)

Josie Renkwitz (Animation, 2022)

Jason Sansavera (Animation, 2021)

Steven Orokhovskiy (Animation, 2022)

Isabella Iguchi (Animation, 2022)


Team ROY-G-Babes

Jonah Evans (Animation, 2022)

Chumani Bowser (Animation, 2020)

Jessica Baker (Animation, 2022)

Junko Gresko (Animation, 2022)

Delayjia Kendall (Animation, 2020)

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