CCAD Animation hits it big in silver-screen debuts at the Drexel


A pair of short (and funny) animations by Columbus College of Art & Design Animation students are coming soon to a movie theater near you.

Silence Your Cell Phones” (a Gone with the Wind-esque take on the role of technology and movie-watching) and “Let’s all go to the Lobby” (about moviegoers’ romance with concessions) made their debut at an early February screening of the Drexel Theatre’s America’s Greatest Films series, and will be used in future Columbus Association for the Performing Arts screenings.

Students who worked on the animations include: Director Addison Wallace (Animation, 2019), Production Manager Jake Robertshaw (Animation, 2018), Supervising Editor Carter Spear (Animation, 2019), Raphael Bishop (Animation, 2021), Mallorie Kriebel (Animation, 2019), and John Webster III (Animation, 2019). Animation Chair and Associate Professor Charlotte Belland supervised the shorts.

“Our partnership with CAPA is a reflection of Columbus' supportive and connected creative community. They trusted our students to bring a fresh take on an iconic theater experience and to deliver that product on time and on budget,” said Belland. “For the students, it is a thrill to hear the Columbus audiences authentically react to the carefully timed story-beats of the shorts.”

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