CCAD Artists draw the line in Wild Goose show

The variety of approaches among a dozen artists — nearly all with CCAD connections — take with the concept of “line” in their creations drives a new exhibition, Linework, on view in January 2018 at Wild Goose Creative.

Linework, curated by Samantha Nawrath (History of Art & Visual Culture, 2019), “intentionally samples several modes of 2D media, including photography, collage, textile work, painting, drawing, and printmaking,” Nawrath told City Pulse Columbus.

“I wanted to create a small exhibition around the idea of expanding the definition of ’line work.’ Line acts as this simple, accessible conduit for bigger conversations, I wanted to create a platform for that to happen,” she said.

Linework’s participating artists are: Taylor Chiu (Illustration, 2019), Kathleen Fanto, Caeleigh Featherstone, Crosley Frankenberry (History of Art & Visual Culture, 2017), Chloe Lillash (Photography, 2019), Matt Massara (Illustration, 2017), Danny McCallum (Photography, 2018), Elizabeth McManus (Fine Arts, 2017), Hana Mendel (Photography, 2018), Samantha Nawrath (History of Art & Visual Culture, 2019), Natasha Strom (Fine Arts, 2017), and Jasmine Yetts.

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