CCAD community wins big at CSCA

During a celebratory ceremony on Nov. 21 at Vue Columbus, CCAD students, staff, and alumni were awarded top prizes in the Creative Best 2019 Awards Show. This annual awards competition is presented by the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts and honors outstanding creative work made by professionals and students across central Ohio. Here’s a look at what won! (And for a more in-depth exploration, check out a PDF of the awards book here.)


Best of Show

Project: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams packaging

CCAD contributor:

  • Art Director: Patrick Moore (Illustration, 2010)
jenis ice cream design work


Award of Excellence: Print, long form

Project: 186 magazine, issue #2

This second issue of Columbus College of Art & Design’s annual magazine covers such topics as alumni success, changes to campus, and facts and figures about CCAD’s growth over the past year. The highlight of this issue is the cover art and a centerpiece illustration celebrating CCAD’s 140th anniversary by alum Cody Bond (Illustration, 2012).


CCAD contributors:

  • Illustrators: Cody Bond (Illustration, 2012), Yiffy Gu (Illustration, 2019), Sara Guzman (Illustration, 2019)
  • Design: Justin Remotap (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2019)
  • Contributing designers: Miya Hsu (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2020), Jahliya Willis (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2021)
  • Photographer: Ty Wright
  • Writers: Jennifer Wray, Shelly Mann, Jackie Mantey, Laurenn McCubbin
  • Editors: Mary Cassells, Jennifer Wray
  • Printer: Post Printing


186 magazine in csca book

Award of Merit: Animation

Project: Silence Your Cell Phones

CCAD contributors:

  • CCAD Animation Lab Team
    • Director: Addi Wallace
    • Production Manager: Jake Robertshaw
    • Supervising Editor: Carter Spear
    • Environments: Raphael Bishop, Jasean Moore, Carter Spear
    • Animation: Jake Robertshaw, Addi Wallace, Mallorie Kriebel, Raphael Bishop, John Webster III
    • Storyboarding: Addi Wallace
    • Writing: Addi Wallace
    • Character Design: Jake Robertshaw, Mallorie Kriebel, Raphael Bishop
    • Sound Design: Carter Spear
    • Color Design: Carter Spear, Jasean Moore
    • Voices: Katherine Williams, Lauren Shrimplin
    • Executive Producer: Charlotte Belland
    • Special Thanks: Charlotte Belland, CAPA, Mallorie Kriebel


Award of Merit: Print, long form

Project: CCAD at 140 book

How do you document the impact that an institution has had on a community over the course of 140 years? CCAD at 140 was commissioned by Columbus College of Art & Design leadership as a gift for CCAD faculty and staff to show gratitude and serve as a reminder of the impact that their work has on the city of Columbus and the world at large. The book includes portraits of CCAD faculty and staff, along with testimonials of students, alumni, faculty, and other community members that collectively showcase what CCAD has meant to them as individuals and to the greater public.


CCAD contributors:

  • Design: Nigel Ewan (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2014)
  • Creative direction: Jill Moorhead
  • Printer: Post Printing


140 book in csca book

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