CCAD faculty adds color to San Fran exhibition

Fine Arts, CCAD Visiting Faculty Tosha Stimage In Color Factory


Right when you didn’t think it was possible for the West Coast to develop any more dreamy, color-filled locations (that inevitably fill your Instagram feed), artists and designers in San Francisco, including Fine Arts Visiting Faculty Tosha Stimage (Fine Arts, 2011), opened a 12,000-square-foot exhibition called Color Factory: A Pop-Up Experience in San Francisco.

The exhibition is open August and September 2017 and consists of color-specific rooms and spaces that allow visitors to play, draw, and make their way through a wall of 10,000 brightly colored ribbons and even dive into a massive, yellow ball pit. Some areas are covered in neon plaid, while other spaces are swathed in a single shade, like the room Stimage assembled and created revolving around the color orange.

Color Factory’s art director, Erin Jang, told Architectural Digest, "Our goal was that each installation would meet three criteria. It would be conceptual, [be] beautiful and photogenic, and be an experience you couldn’t get anywhere else. We wanted each space to be visually interesting and add an element of surprise or delight."

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