CCAD MFA candidate attends Tao Hua Tan artist residency

Lauren Mitro work

As she pursues her Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, Lauren Mitro (MFA, 2020) typically creates installation art and large-scale paintings. So it makes sense when she says the oil and acrylic paintings she’s been creating during the Tao Hua Tan artist residency “all kind of want to be sculptures.”

Mitro was awarded and is attending the Tao Hua Tan 5th International Artist Retreat and Residency in China through Oct. 28, 2019.

“The openness and freedom of the program is really refreshing,” Mitro says. “It’s focused on coming to China, immersing yourself in the culture and the people, and then letting the work flow from there.”

During the residency, each of the 20 international artists creates at least three paintings for the permanent collection of the World Art Museum at Peach Blossom Pool Arts and Holiday Riverside Resort in China. The residency will end with an exhibition of works produced in Tao Hua Tan.

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