CCAD in the news: A toast to Cafe Sketch

luther the wolf pup

Cafe Sketch live model Luther stars in a recent article in The Columbus Dispatch—“tongue lolling” and all!

Luther is a wolf-dog who visited CCAD’s Cafe Sketch class earlier this semester. Prowling around the Cloyd Family Animation Center as a “tame wolf ambassador” from Ironwood Wolves, Luther posed as subject for the students’ practice during class time.

Students at Columbus College of Art & Design have practiced live sketching to hone their visual vocabulary through the Cafe Sketch course for over a decade, when Charlotte Belland, Associate Professor and Chair of CCAD's Animation program, established the course. Belland told The Dispatch that the course's name is inspired by the notion of artists leaving the comfort of their studios for a nearby cafe to create observational drawings of people and animals in public. 

“Throughout the semester, students visit public spaces, such as the North Market, or sit in on rehearsals of BalletMet dancers to sketch the scenes they find,” The Dispatch reported. “Belland also works with a variety of organizations—including Ohio Nature Education, a nonprofit outreach program that provides a home for injured animals that no longer can live in the wild, and Ohio State University’s Museum of Biological Diversity—to ensure students have access to live animal models.”

About 30 students are enrolled in the class per semester, but anyone at CCAD is welcome to participate each week. 

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