CCAD podcast features interior design and architecture experts from M+A Architects

Podcast Recording

Starting in fall 2019, the Interior Design major at Columbus College of Art & Design has a new name: Interior Architecture & Design.

“The new name better reflects what we do in the program,” says Kelly DeVore, Chair of the Interior Architecture & Design program. “Our students learn to design interior spaces and work collaboratively so they graduate with a strong skill set and can go on to work for architecture and design firms or start their own companies.”

DeVore recently guest hosted the award-winning CCAD podcast, First, You Hustle, and spoke with Carrie Boyd and Seth Oakley from the leading firm M+A Architects about how interior design and architecture work together and what students can do to prepare for the industry. Boyd, who was recently named one of Columbus Business First’s 40 Under 40 in Columbus, is Principal and Director of Interior Design at M+A, and Oakley is a Registered Architect and Director of M+A’s Cincinnati office.

“Interior designers and architects need to be collaborating from the inception of a project to ensure the most successful end product,” Boyd said. “Practicing this collaboration and way of thinking in school will set students up for better success once they graduate.”

Oakley agreed and said the collaboration is key.

“There used to be no differentiation of architects and interior designers in the professional world,” Oakley said. “So this idea isn't as progressive as it is the realization that the strengths of each discipline can be realized, combined, and thus magnify the quality of the end result.”

Listen to First, You Hustle, learn more about CCAD’s Interior Architecture & Design program, or apply here.