CCAD Possibilities: This grad uses art to create happiness

Cody Bond


Cody Bond (Illustration, 2012) has discovered a niche sharing his Nintendo fan art on Twitter, where he loves interacting with fans and like-minded gamers. We talked with him recently about his work.

It started with Nintendo fan art.

Last year I did a complete revamp of my style. I wanted to focus on what inspired me to get into art in the first place, and I thought back to playing Super Nintendo as a kid. These images are what shaped me as a person, and now I’m using them to fuel what I create.


How can your illustrations make an impact on the world?

I like making goofy stuff to post online that people can look at and interact with. Creating something that can make people feel joy in a messed-up world, that’s a very underappreciated and undervalued thing we as artists can do.

What’s been your favorite project so far?

Cards Against Humanity sought me out to do an animated loop of a gay pride parade to promote their Pride Pack. It was so fulfilling for me as a gay man to work on a project like this for a big brand that’s very mainstream.

How does your CCAD education inform your day-to-day work?

As a student, I always hated the idea that if you want to get good at drawing, you have to draw every day. But I’ve found the perfect place to get to as an artist is the place where you want to draw every day. I have reached that sweet spot.

cody bond work mario

Nintendo characters waiting for their Nintendo Direct. 

cody bond work mario

The ladies of Mario Tennis. 

cody bond work I heart to draw

A comic illustrating how defeating it feels to have an off art day. 

cody bond work isabelle

Isabelle wants to protect her friends on Smash Bros. Ultimate 

cody bond work i wish I could support my friends

It's hard to support your artist friends without comparing their successes to your own. (Photos provided by Cody Bond.) 

Learn more about Cody Bond’s work on his website, and learn more about CCAD’s Illustration program.