CCAD Possibilities: This grad uses art to rebuild Puerto Rico


Jeremy Rosario


After Hurricane Maria ravaged his native Puerto Rico, where his family still lives, CCAD grad Jeremy Rosario (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2000) used his art, creating a grassroots relief initiative that brought immediate lifesaving help to people on different parts of the island. We talked with him recently about his work.

Tell us about your work in Puerto Rico.

I sprung into action as soon as I saw the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria, creating an inspirational silkscreen to fund relief efforts and sending boxes of relief items to people’s homes. I gathered addresses of family and friends, collected medical items and non-perishable food, and then sent off box after box. When I ran out of funds, I began painting creating an exhibit called Heart of the Storm to raise money to send more boxes. We were able to send a team of 12 people to help rebuild roofs in the town of Humacao. 


What’s the biggest thing you learned from CCAD that you use every day?

My education at CCAD was very valuable. I learned how to use creativity to solve real-life problems. For example, after the hurricane, emergency items were not able to get to people in need. I chose to use the USPS to deliver relief boxes directly to different regions in the island. Once the boxes arrived, family and friends were instrumental in helping deliver food, medical supplies, and other relief items directly to people's homes.

What’s next for you?

During my trip to rebuild roofs in Puerto Rico that suffered hurricane damage, I meet some incredible people. I am working on a oil portrait series that presents the profound human connections that I encountered.

What advice would you give current students about making the world a better place?

You have been given a very special gift. Creativity. Volunteer and get involved in things that matter the most. As artists and visual communicators, we can inspire and heal the hearts of people. 

jeremy rosario print with woman

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Rosario  

Jeremy Rosario

Photo courtesy of Jeremy Rosario 

jeremy rosario art

 Photo courtesy of Jeremy Rosario 

jeremy rosario

Photo by Ty Wright for CCAD.


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