CCAD zombies eat up the spotlight on Broad & High

Zombies in CCAD's special effects makeup class.

Zombies (aka CCAD Community Education students) from our special effects makeup class will be featured in an tonight’s episode of Broad & High, offering tips on how to, well, kill the perfect undead look just in time for Halloween.

The episode premieres at 8 p.m. (Thursday, Oct. 25) on WOSU-PBS, and will air again on the same channel Sunday, Oct. 28, at 9:30 a.m. The episode will soon be available on WOSU Public Media's website, as well as the series’ YouTube channel, Facebook page, and WOSU Public Media mobile app.

Watch the episode below:


CCAD’s Community Education special effects makeup classes for high school students is the first of its kind in Ohio, says instructor and film and video special effects makeup artist Todd Reed.

In the classes, students learn the importance of practical special effects makeup for film and TV shoots. The course teaches how to fabricate and apply synthetic flesh wounds, cuts, and bruises just like the SFX artists do on Hollywood movie sets. Students also research popular special effects artists, create makeup influenced by their idols, and learn to effectively use the beginner level tools of the trade.

In short: Zombie bites, Armageddon battle bruises, alien veins, and more!

And while all of that is undeniably a ton of fun, Reed points out that learning makeup artistry is an important aspect of filmmaking for students new to the craft or working on independent productions. Special effects makeup, he says, is just another aspect of storytelling, adding believability to the web you’re trying to spin.

Watch how Broad & High weaves this story tonight at 8 p.m.!

Learn more about CCAD’s Community Education classes here.