CCAD’s McCubbin discusses sad news for MAD Magazine

MAD Magazine, a comics staple for millions of young people through the decades, announced last week that its August 2019 issue would be its last on the newsstands. The pioneering publication of more than seven decades will still have issues for sale at comic book stores and via subscriptions, but its print content will tap into its library of print material, with year-end special editions featuring new content, reported The Columbus Dispatch.

The Dispatch discussed the magazine’s demise with local comics experts, including Laurenn McCubbin, Associate Professor of Comics & Narrative Practice at Columbus College of Art & Design. McCubbin told the Dispatch that recent years had seen MAD’s satire as pointed as ever.

“They’ve been doing a lot of really great satire recently,” McCubbin told the Dispatch. “It’s sad to see them not even getting a chance to see if they can build and sustain the audience for this kind of work.”

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