Chroma 2018 preview: Sam Thune, History of Art and Visual Culture

At Chroma: Best of CCAD, you get to see the best of the best of CCAD’s artists and designers. The annual campus-wide juried show and celebration showcases exemplary pieces from each of our majors as well as our CORE programs, MDes students, and our first-year MFA students.

In anticipation of this free festival starring the future of art and design, which is from 5 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 9, we caught up with a few students displaying work at the event.

Read on to see get a sneak peek at what one of our students will be presenting, then check out all the exciting things coming to Chroma this year here. (We’re pretty pumped for the interactive group mural and food trucks, too.)

Sam Thune profile picture


Sam Thune

History of Art and Visual Culture, 2018


Can you describe the work you will you be presenting at Chroma?

I will be presenting my thesis, a history behind unisex fashion in western culture, in a symposium the weekend leading up to Chroma. To help promote the History of Art and Visual Culture major, some fellow students and I are also curating a small exhibition. We will be showcasing screenprinted work left behind by alumni from their time here at CCAD. This will be shown in the second floor multipurpose room in Canzani during Chroma .


What has been the most interesting, challenging, or exciting class you’ve taken this academic year?

Ceramics, mainly due to the fact that I have learned to challenge my patience and how to accept imperfections.


Why did you decide to study History of Art and Visual Culture and what about it makes you excited for a career in that industry?

I started as a Fashion Design major and fell more in love with the historical research of the garments by my junior year. I found that working with antiques and studying their history is exciting, and I hope to make a career out of it. Working in libraries or museums as a research historian is my ultimate goal.


What has been inspiring you lately?

Stories on counterculture and nonconformity throughout history help exercise an open mind!


What are your plans for summer?

Working and planning for grad school in the fall of 2019.

The History of Art and Visual Culture program’s students will present their semester-long research at the Honors & History of Art and Visual Culture Symposium (free and open to the public) on Friday, April 27, and an exhibition curated by Thune and other students in the major will be shown on the second floor multipurpose room in Canzani Center during Chroma on May. Check out where to find all the majors here.