Columbus creative economy is nothing short of thriving

From day one (back in 1879), CCAD has been one of the biggest supporters of Columbus’ creative economy, which is why we are thrilled (but unsurprised) by the results of a recent national study, Arts & Economic Prosperity 5, that took a look at arts spending in 341 cities and regions across America. The report found that the greater Columbus area’s nonprofit arts industry currently yields $412.3 million in economic activity per year and supports roughly 14,980 full-time jobs (figures that have nearly doubled since 2012, the last time the study was conducted).

“This study importantly quantifies a sector of the economy most often thought of a 'nicety' when in fact patronage of the arts, both by government and the private sector, pays returns to local businesses, including hotels, restaurants and shops. Such information gives the arts community leverage when it seeks government support, because the dollars chipped in for arts also return in the form of hotel bed taxes, sales, income and property taxes,” said The Columbus Dispatch in an editorial about the findings.

These figures have nearly doubled since 2012, when the same study was conducted, which is good news for not only artists and creative companies, but local businesses, hotels, restaurants, and a plethora of other shops and startups around town that are all involved in the revenue cycle. And more people are willing to go a little farther and pay a little more in order to support the arts.

CCAD has built a strategic plan to guide decisions that continue to support and encourage the Columbus community. Read more about the relationship between school and city in our blog, CCAD & Columbus, and take a closer look at Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 here.