Discovering Columbus in new book project

Advertising & Graphic Design, Illustration, Alexia Winfield

Alexia Winfield moved to Columbus in 2010 for work and found herself quickly won over by the city. As she explored what Columbus had to offer, her adventure led her to create The Columbus Book Project, a set of coffee table books showcasing the arts, fashion, culture, and dining scenes in Columbus.

The team she assembled to work on the book consists of creatives from all over Columbus, including Josh Bodman, CCAD's Chair of Advertising & Graphic Design, who helped establish the book's visual language — its grid, design systems, style, typefaces and more. Bodman was ultimately joined in the project by others with CCAD connections: Joseph Van Hove (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2017), Raquib Ahmed (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2014), and Whitney Ransdell (Illustration, 2016).

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