The Importance of REALLY Knowing Your Customer with Tom Ramsey

Do you really know your customer? In retail, nothing is more important than your customers--you simply don’t exist without them. Every experience, every product, every interaction needs to be meaningful or you won’t get a return visit. When you develop a retail brand, you need to define what you want that brand to stand for and how you want to be perceived.

You also need to understand the marketplace, your potential competitors, and define the “whitespace” opportunities that will meet a customer need that no one else is meeting.

What makes YOU the best choice? There are hundreds of examples of retailers that have failed by not staying relevant, delivering a mediocre experience, or designing products that don’t sell. What happened? They ultimately stopped thinking of their customers. In this session with Tom Ramsey, we will discuss how to know and understand your customer, and the excitement that can come when you give them what they crave. Miss the May 13, 2021 event? Watch below.