New comic debuts at CCAD Art Fair

Fine Arts, Photo of Gabby in front of gallery paintings, smiling with hands in pockets of black coat layered over white button up

For the second year, Gabby Metzler (Fine Arts, 2017) will be one of the talented Columbus College of Art & Design artists and alumni whose work will be on sale at the CCAD Art Fair. This year, Metzler will bring her oil and acrylic paintings to the Art Fair on Saturday, Dec. 3, as well as something new — the first volume of her new comic series The Fat Girl Love Club. With price points ranging from $5 to $500 for her work, the Ross, Ohio, native will have artworks to suit every budget.

Read more from Metzler below, and find additional examples of her work on Facebook and Instagram.

What’s your artistic philosophy, the perspective behind your work?

In my comics and my paintings, I try to make work that speaks to the area and the experiences of people in the Midwest. I think work that reflects untold stories breaks down the little lies we tell ourselves. When we see glimpses of our own life in a painting or a comic, there's a moment where the viewer thinks, 'No, we don't acknowledge that,' or, 'It's not big enough,' or 'It's not flattering.' That's an important moment.

Fine Arts, Painting of people playing and swimming in kiddie pool next to a house with trees and vegetation in the background

Why did you want to participate in the CCAD Art Fair?

One, I made more money last year than I ever expected and that's a little addicting. Haha. And two, it's a huge honor. So many talented people apply. I originally applied because one of my favorite teachers, Joe Lombardo, said it teaches many lessons you don't get in class: how to sell, what people enjoy or are struck by, how to put together an appealing booth.

Fine Arts, Page from comic by Gabby depicting female character as a fanfiction writer

How has your CCAD education influenced the work you will be offering for sale?

Oh, without CCAD, I don't know if I would have discovered comics, and I would be so bored all the time. And I wouldn't know how DIY the comics scene is. Mike Laughead and Robert Loss (comics teachers) are like, 'Get it printed any way you can, and get it out there, go to conventions, put it on the internet' — and once I finally did, it was the most fun ever. Selling this thing that I, like, hardcore planned out for years, is just all 'round joyful.


CCAD Art Fair 2016

Saturday, Dec. 3, 2016
First Look: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.
General Admission: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Loann Crane Center for Design (at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and Gay Street)

Parking is free. Tickets are available at the door. First Look costs $20; General Admission costs $5. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit CCAD student programming.