New crafts major at CCAD is an obvious fit

Contemporary Crafts, Image of necklace with three petal shaped pendants, pair of metal tear drop earrings, and pair of red earrings with metal petals on a white background

Columbus College of Art & Design recently announced some big news: starting in fall 2017, students can major in Contemporary Crafts.

News of the crafts program is picking up steam in the press, with recent mentions in 614Now and The Columbus Dispatch.

The addition of a crafts program doesn’t come as much of a shock. “Columbus is a city of craft production,” writes 614Now. And the “city strives to be artisanal and innovative.”

Students who major in Contemporary Crafts will hone, “production and business skills aimed at enabling artisans to go into business selling their work,” reports The Columbus Dispatch. CCAD students will have plenty of local and talented alums to look to for inspiration, including The Smithery, Seagull Bags, and Megs LeVesseur Pottery.

As 614Now noted, “We’re a city about local beer, food, and entertainment. Now we can be a city about local crafts too.”

Read more about our new Contemporary Crafts major in our press release.