In other news: 12.19.18

CCAD is one of the world’s best places to study Fashion Design, and a movie edited by an alum heads to the Berlin Film Festival. Get the skinny on what’s happening on campus, in Columbus, and points well beyond.

Fashionista named CCAD one of the best places in the world to study Fashion Design. Read more here.

Feature film Knives and Skin by filmmaker Jennifer Reeder, edited by Mike Olenick (Media Studies Still-Based, 2000) will make its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February. Read more here.

Children’s book illustrator (and recent Alumni Award-winner) AG Ford (Illustration, 2007) as well as award-winning illustrator Floyd Cooper (at CCAD as a Visiting Artist & Scholar on Feb. 28) were included in a recent roundup by The Conscious Kid of “53 Children’s Books Centering and Celebrating the Humanity of Black Boys.” Read more here.

You don’t have to look further than CCAD’s campus for a “filmmaking oasis,” according to Columbus CEO, which recently highlighted the Ohio FIlm Group, which makes its home on our campus and which is led by CCAD trustees Len Hartman and Gil Cloyd. Hartman and Cloyd, as well as Animation Chair and Associate Professor Charlotte Belland recently talked to the magazine about the innovative work they’re doingand what it means for CCAD’s students. Read more here.

Beeler Gallery’s exhibition of work by the core members of collective fierce pussy was recently featured by WOSU Public Media’s Broad & High television program, which included artist interviews as well as an interview with Beeler Director of Exhibitions Jo-ey Tang. Watch it here.

Beeler Gallery Director of Exhibitions Jo-ey Tang will speak at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium, on Wednesday, Dec. 19, on the notion of "slow programming" and Season One at Beeler Gallery, as well as the Second Shelf book acquisition initiative by Beeler Gallery, CCAD's Packard Library, and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Library to diversify representation in their holdings. Read more here.

Punk Black named Frank Lawson (Animation, 2018) one of its “7 Visual Artists of Color you should look out for in 2019.” Read more here.

Three Columbus College of Art & Design Fashion Design students have been awarded $5,000 scholarships from the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF). The winners are MollyKate Cline (Fashion Design, 2020), who took home a FSF scholarship in 2017 as well; Brianna Becaj (Fashion Design, 2021), and Ryder Teach (Fashion Design, 2021). Read more here.

CCAD’s MFA students and recent MFA gradswith the help of faculty advisors Molly Jo Burke and John Cairns—created an installation for SOFA Connect in Chicago that investigated consumption, contemporary society, and culture (and also included a place for SOFA’s 35,000-some attendees to charge their cell phones). Read more here.

Associate Professor Julie Abijanac (Fine Arts, 1992) has work in a new show at Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery. The show, Duo Trio, opens Jan. 24 and runs through April 13. Read more here.

In association with Duo Trio, Abijanac will host a paper quilling workshop at the Riffe Gallery on Wednesday, Feb. 27. Read more here.

On our blog, we talked to the likes of Creative Control Fest co-founder Corey Favor (Illustration, 2003), filmmaker Cameron Granger (Cinematic Arts, 2016), artist and teacher Sherleelah Jones (Media Studies Time-Based, 2007), Fine Arts Associate Professor Danielle Julian Norton, Assistant Professor of History of Art & Visual Culture Aaron Petten, Fine Arts Visiting Faculty Tosha Stimage (Fine Arts, 2011), and Beeler Gallery Director of Exhibitions Jo-ey Tang about the past, present, and future of equal representation in the creative fields. Read more here.

CCAD Professor Hiroshi Hayakawa (Photography, 1995) and Erek Nass (Master of Fine Arts, 2015) have work featured Phantasmagoria, which was curated by Stephen Takacs at The Vanderelli Room. The show runs through Thursday, Jan. 3. Read more here.

CCAD Fashion Design students worked with Columbus retailer Madison-USA on a project that will put their work on view in the retailer’s Short North location in early 2019. Read more here.

More CCAD news here.