In other news: 2.15.2018

Local media give love for a CCAD student’s hip-hop photography magazine and call on faculty’s expertise. Get the skinny on what’s happening on campus, in Columbus, and points well beyond.

CCAD student artist Annie Noelker (Photography, 2019) is the subject of a Q&A-style feature story in 614 Magazine. The piece explores her work on MOUTH, a magazine about the city’s hip-hop culture that Noelker photographs, writes, edits, and designs. As the article notes, Noelker uses “her platform as an artist to delve deeper with each subject, she’s created a truly collaborative project—a mixed media mixtape of the misrepresented and often-unnoticed.” Read more here.

The Columbus Dispatch wrote about Associate Professor Matthew Mohr’s interactive sculpture at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, noting that As We Are “has garnered national, and even international, attention in the media and from other cities seeking a similar work from Mohr.” Read more here.

The Columbus Dispatch also interviewed Fashion Design Chair Suzanne Cotton about the rise of raw denim’s popularity, which she said could continue to grow thanks to an increased consumer emphasis on ethical fashion. Read more here.

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