In other news: 4.10.2019

CCAD MDes students tackle thorny challenges. Columbus Monthly looks at what they’re up to. Plus, a CCAD professor has upcoming shows in Colorado, New Mexico, and Cincinnati, and CityScene magazine checks out the 2019 CCAD Spring Art Fair. Get the skinny on what’s happening on campus, in Columbus, and points well beyond.

Columbus Monthly featured thesis projects by the 2019 Master of Design candidates that tackled a range of social and commercial problems. Read more here.

Professor Hiroshi Hayakawa (Photography, 1994) will have work in The Handmade Photograph: Contemporary Photographers Working in Historic Processes, in Santa Fe, New Mexico on June 7July 27. Read more here.

Hayakawa will also have work on view in the exhibition Drawn at the Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center in Cincinnati, April 19–May 17. Read more here.

In addition, artwork by Hayakawa will be on view May 13–June 24 at The Art Center at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts. Read more here.

CityScene magazine readers recently got a sneak peek at the 2019 CCAD Spring Art Fair. Read more here.

More CCAD news here.