The results of the 2010 alumni survey are in

We thought you’d like to hear back on how the 2010 Alumni Survey went. In a word—great. We nearly quadrupled the participation rate since our last survey. And while that was really reassuring, the best part was getting to know our alumni better. Here’s what we found out.

CCAD alumni:
Are everywhere.
Sixty years worth of graduates from all majors responded to the survey. They live in 36 of the United States and seven other countries (including one alum who responded from an RV he is driving around the U.S.!)

Are involved. We asked which events you plan to attend in 2011. The ones with the highest anticipated attendance: the student exhibition, art sales, and homecoming.

Care about current students. Almost half of all respondents said that if they made a financial gift, they’d give it to financial aid for students, and more than 60% said they’d be willing to counsel current students with advice on their career paths and personal lives.

Want to get connected. 146 alumni from 2000–2010 said they would appreciate being mentored by an experienced alum. The best part? 139 alumni from 1999 or earlier said they’d be willing to mentor them (see above).

Are happy. More than 96% of respondents said they were satisfied with their overall experience at CCAD.