Show us your space: Cathy Minton Green

From light-filled private painting studios to collaborative offices with cityscape views, the varied workspaces of CCAD students and alumni represent the multitude of career paths an art and design school can help forge. Here’s a peek into where several of our students and grads make the magic happen M–F (or, sometimes, 24/7).


Cathy Minton Green

Interior Design, 1985


Cathy's Space

Cathy Minton Green is Executive Director for the Acworth Arts Alliance, LLC, a visual arts nonprofit in Acworth, Georgia. As part of her work, she operates its Art House—a venue where she’s able to share art with more people. Green says she wears a lot of hats (wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, gardener, and traveler among them), but being an artist has always been a big part of who she is. Here’s a look inside her inviting nature-filled studio space at home.

Can you describe your studio?

My studio is the “bonus room” over our garage. It used to be the kids playroom while they were growing up. I quickly claimed it! It’s not overly spacious or glamorous, but it’s comfortable and works well for me. It has a high ceiling and a double window with a northwestern exposure. I can look down the street and feel connected with what’s going on outside. I have room to work, relax, cut mats, and frame. It’s a little crowded with the artwork, but that’s inspiring to me.

What kind of work do you do in this space?

I paint watercolors, acrylics, and oil paintings, mat and frame works, read about art, and relax—and sometimes watch a movie to recharge.

How do you prefer to work (late at night, completing a project all at once, or several pieces in tandem, etc.)?

I work whenever my schedule allows … if I’m home during the day, I will definitely spend time working—the daylight I get from my window is great! I also work in the evening and night. I have good lighting to compensate for the dark hours. I like to have a few things going on at the same time, but will push through to get a commission done for a deadline.

What do you love about your space?

I love that it’s MY space and that it is at home. I can take breaks and get other household things done when I want to.

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