Show us your space: Tym Tyler

From light-filled private painting studios to collaborative offices with cityscape views, the varied workspaces of CCAD students and alumni represent the multitude of career paths an art and design school can help forge. Here’s a peek into where several of our students and grads make the magic happen M–F (or, sometimes, 24/7).


Tym Tyler

Fine Arts, 1984

Executive Director, TeamCOLUMBUS Events

tym tyler in studio

Tym Tyler lives on an old farm outside Granville, Ohio. His studio, formerly a chicken hatchery, is, fittingly, dedicated to two seemingly disparate worlds: painting and cycling. Since graduate school, Tyler has been a promoter—in his 20s and 30s, he promoted music concerts, professional cycling events, running events, and triathlons. As he got older, he honed his focus to fitness events (concert promotion is “a young man’s game,” he says).

Now, Tyler is Executive Director of TeamCOLUMBUS Events, which has organized more than 700 cycling, runs, duathlons, triathlons, and concerts. The nonprofit’s events of note include six USA Cycling Elite National Championships, 20 USA Cycling NCR events, the World Police and Fire  Games, Olympic Trials, and World Triathlon Championships.

In addition to his work with TeamCOLUMBUS, Tyler has been an agent for five professional cyclists who have competed in the Tour de France, and also two World Champions.

Tyler recently discussed the intersection of his passion for fine arts and cycling—and where it all  comes together in his home studio.

Can you describe your studio? Anything you’d consider noteworthy about it?

I live on an 1852 farm, and my studio is the old chicken hatchery.

What kind of work do you do in this space?

Mostly straight up oil painting with some collage added here and there. Almost always abstract expressionist with a hint of landscape.

How do you prefer to work?

I work on multiple paintings at a time. It keeps me from getting too involved with any one painting and killing it with overwork.

What do you love about your space?

My studio is like a big clubhouse for me. Three-fourths of my space is my painting area, and the other fourth is my bicycle shop. So, I can blend my two habits of art and bicycle riding—which is kind of funny because, when I was at CCAD, I spent my summers living in Belgium and competing in bicycle races. It was my summer job and it helped pay for school every year.

Find Tym Tyler on the TeamCOLUMBUS Events website or see a gallery of some of his work on Facebook.

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