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CCAD students Anna-grace Blackburn (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2019) and Reed Costello (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2019) are on the verge of finishing their senior year here at the Columbus College of Art & Design. Like a lot of seniors, Blackburn and Costello are working on a thesis project. Unlike a lot of seniors, their thesis is SoFest: a “collective community experience that focuses on breaking down social and cultural barriers to create human interaction that is raw, focused, and real.”

SoFest is an art and music festival based in the SoHud community (in Columbus' University District) that both Blackburn and Costello call home. It was born of a thesis project and a desire from founders to create an authentic, intimate event that allows people to interact in different ways.

The SoFest creators are hoping to create a one-of-a-kind experience in their community that continues in future years.

Anticipation is growing for the creators as the festival gets closer. Transforming Summit Street into a festival is no easy feat, and Blackburn and Costello note that they have a list of CCAD students and alumni (along with many non-CCAD businesses and communities) that have contributed to thank for helping to keep the festival free and available for all.

“We’re excited to see the community come together and celebrate all of the awesome things going on in this area and the Columbus music and art scene,” says Blackburn.

With a wide variety of musicians (from punk to hip hop), a showcase of some of the best that SoHud has to offer, and a wide selection of artists and vendors to shop from, there should be something for everyone. There’s even a SoFest sandwich and you’ll be able to follow it up with a waffle cone from Jeni’s.

SoFest is free to attend. Check it out on Saturday, May 4, from noon to 5 p.m.

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For SoFest updates, information, and news, head to Instagram or Facebook.

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