Spring Art Fair preview: Fashion design by Marissa Holt

Get to know some of the talented Columbus College of Art & Design students and alumni whose work will be available for purchase at the CCAD 2018 Spring Art Fair on Saturday, April 7. Find other entries in the series here, here, and here.

Fashion Design, Photo of Marissa outside with sunglasses

In February, Marissa Holt (Fashion Design, 2020) showcased her new Yours Truly Collection at New York City Teen Fashion Week.

She created the line of flared, floral skirts to inspire women and girls to wear whatever they want, whatever makes them feel good – regardless of what a romantic partner wishes they wore. She donated proceeds from sales of the Yours Truly skirts to the Hope House for battered women.

At the CCAD 2018 Spring Art Fair, Holt will sell accessories with a similar 1960s-vintage vibe and a print that encourages women to be bold in the face of whatever comes their way.

Read more about Holt below, and follow her on Instagram.

Fashion Design, Three models in floral skirts against a gray wall

Fashion Design, Basket of floral accessories

Can you describe some pieces you’ll be selling at the Spring Art Fair?

Some of the pieces that will be for sale at this year's fair are small coin purses, stickers, pins, and headbands. What makes my work unique is that each product of mine has a pattern printed on it. These patterns are all designed by myself on Adobe Illustrator, or hand drawn, and printed on cotton fabric using our school's digital fabric printer.


Do you have a favorite item you'll be bringing to sell?

A favorite item of mine that will be sold is my mini coin purse. In today's society, minimalism has become popular. I feel as if the small coin purse really symbolizes this idea.


Why do you participate in the CCAD Art Fair?

To be selected for CCAD's art fair is really special to me. During my freshman year at CCAD, I was in awe of the idea that you could sell your work to fellow classmates and so many around the Columbus area. As a freshman I had always wanted to sell my own product, so being in the CCAD Art Fair is very rewarding to me.

Fashion Design, model in floral skirt