Telling the stories of immigration, one artwork at a time

Fine Arts, Illustration, Poster from the exhibition and symposium Metamorphosis: The Human Stories

Columbus College of Art & Design students joined peers from Stockton, California; Dresden, Germany; and Armenia in exploring the narratives behind immigration in an international project that spanned countries and time, beginning in 2016 in Germany and Armenia, and concluding late this year in California and Germany.

Metamorphosis: The Human Stories — a project that included both a symposium and an exhibition of artwork — saw CCAD students employ approaches such as silkscreen, collage, relief printmaking, and even poetry to explore the stories around immigration. Rachel Jie (Fine Arts, 2020), Kelsey Hammock (Fine Arts, 2017), Marisa Mann (Illustration, 2017), Matthew Massara (Illustration, 2017), Jared Sanford (Illustration, 2017), Jennifer Weidauer (Fine Arts, 2017), Natasha Strom (Fine Arts, 2017), and Brandi White (Fine Arts, 2018) were among the students whose work was on view in the exhibition, which closed in Dresden, Germany in November.