CCAD Alumni Awards

Columbus College of Art & Design graduates are changing culture and commerce, making major impact in Columbus and points far beyond. And, each year, CCAD recognizes a select few with alumni awards. In 2017, the college expanded its awards to recognize five graduates (up from just one previously), and, last year, it added another: the CCAD Core Values Award. This award recognizes a CCAD graduate who demonstrates inspiration, accountability, respect, and positivity in all they do. A recipient may be selected by the committee from any nomination. Nominations close on July 7. 

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CCAD’s 2019 Alumni Awards for Excellence will be presented to the winners in November.

2018 award winners


Joseph V. Canzani Alumni Award for Excellence (previously the Outstanding Alumni Award)

tony west portrait

Tony West (Illustration, 1989)
Visual Effects Animator / Graphic Designer, Premise Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company
Columbus, Ohio

About the artist

Tony West considers himself a lucky guy. Lucky to have worked at “the greatest job in the world” for 13 years and lucky to have the opportunity to do what he loves. That great job was effects animator for Walt Disney Feature Animation, where West worked from 1989 to 2003. It was a childhood dream come true.

During his career with The Mouse, West contributed effects animation to some pretty cool movies. Credits include Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mulan, and Lilo and Stitch among others.

In 2003 something crazy happened at Disney . . . the animators found themselves without jobs. To make sure the world knew what happened, West, along with good friend and former coworker Dan Lund, produced the award-winning documentary Dream On Silly Dreamer. The film was screened at many festivals around the globe, with its world premiere being at the prestigious Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games in England. Since that first screening, Dream On Silly Dreamer has been seen in Australia, Canada, Ireland, and many other places.

West later joined a group of former Disney animators who started their own studio called Firefly/Premise Entertainment. The good and talented folks at Firefly/Premise have contributed to such projects as Curious George, the Goofy short How To Hook Up Your Home Theater, and Disney's The Princess and the Frog, where West served as effects supervisor.

West likes all kinds of things, including movies, skating, cartoons, airplanes, books, dinosaurs, and the Olympics. He hopes, one day, to become the first animator in space.

About the work

Since graduating CCAD in 1989 I have spent the majority of my career as a visual effects animator for Walt Disney Feature Animation. In addition, I have animated for several other companies including Rovio, Dreamworks, and Premise Entertainment. I have also worked as a graphic designer for The Walt Disney Company in their theme park merchandise division.

About winning the award

I was fortunate to have had Joe Canzani as an instructor while at CCAD and to have known him personally. I consider this award a tremendous honor, one I did not expect and am surprised and flattered to receive.


Core Values Award

ag ford portrait

AG Ford (Illustration, 2007)
Children’s book illustrator, AG Ford Arts Inc.
Frisco (Dallas), Texas

About the artist

AG Ford is a New York Times–bestselling children's book Illustrator and recipient of two NAACP Image Awards. He has illustrated picture books for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Sharon Robinson, Ilyasah Shabazz, Martin Luther King III, Nick Cannon, Jonah Winter, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and many others. Ford has more than 30 published books for children including picture books, chapter books, and YA covers. He works with publishers such as Disney Hyperion, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, Penguin Random House, Candlewick Press and more.

About the work

My work is figurative and I love to be able to tell a story through art, which is essentially the core of children's book illustration. My passion started with portraiture and is still one of the things I like to create in my free time when not creating books. My work is all about trying to communicate the clearest story to the reader through composition, expression, and color.

About winning the award

I pride myself on work ethic, being a professional, and being consistent in the art business. This is something I work very hard at and appreciate the acknowledgment.


Emerging Leader Award

ali prater portrait

Ali Prater (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2013)
Branding and Packaging Designer, Ali Prater Design LLC
Columbus, Ohio

About the artist

Ali Prater started her career at Turner Duckworth in San Francisco, California. It was there, while working on brands such as Samsung and Coca-Cola that she fell in love with the world of branding and packaging. Not long after, Ali accepted a job in London, at one of the UK’s top design agencies, BrandOpus.

That time across the Atlantic proved to be the best five years of Prater’s life. There, she worked as a graphic designer specializing in strategic brand design and packaging. She learned what it meant to make brands meaningful, to think differently, and to create design that was not only effective, but helped shape the behavior and culture around us. Her work is steeped in strategy and reason while maintaining beauty and elegance.

At BrandOpus, Ali was a lead designer on Twinings of London, Mr Kipling, and most recently, Kraft Heinz, where she led a brand creation for their innovations team.

This summer, Prater returned to the U.S. and to Columbus, where she works as a freelance designer. Her international approach to her work is one that aims to celebrate and empower the local dreamer and bring beauty and change in the world.

About the work

As a designer, I specialize in making brands meaningful. I truly believe in the power of good design; design that marries intellectual rigor with beauty into a single mark or concept. But more than that, I believe in the local dreamerthe craftsmen, the connoisseurs, the risk takers, and the passion-filled individuals who make up the local community.

It’s these people who have become the heartbeat and steady breath of a city, and it’s these people who have the power to initiate change and to shape the culture around us. They can make the world a more beautiful place to be--they just need their voices to be heard.

That’s where I come in. I bring them to life and give them a unique visual language to speak with, one that reflects who they are are a company and what their ethos is. Together, we zig while others zag. From all walks of life, such as a local florist just getting started to the exploding startup board game company, I can be depended on to provide timeless, effective, meaningful design that will help businesses grow and be heard.

About winning the award

If I'm honest, I didn’t really believe it when the email came. I thought it may have been addressed to the wrong person! I am incredibly honored and thankful to receive this award. CCAD has already given me so much; they gave me the best foundation, direction, and encouragement I could have asked for. For them to recognize me with this award is truly moving.


Arts Educator Award

portrait aubrey jewel rodgers

Aubrey Jewel Rodgers (Time-Based Media, 2000)
Animation/Game Art Program Coordinator, Kalamazoo Valley Community College: Center for New Media
Kalamazoo, Michigan

About the artist

Aubrey Jewel Rodgers is a multimedia artist, teacher, and mentor in the Kalamazoo community. A graduate of CCAD with a Masters in Art Education from Boston University, Rodgers believes in sparking curiosity in people in the form of art and technology. Her teaching varies from mixed media to photography, video, and animation.

As animation/game art program coordinator, she has evolved the animation program at KVCC to keep up with this ever-changing field. The role of mentor has been fulfilling, as she helps prepare young minds  for college and careers in the art world.

About the work

My art is a combination of art and technology—with a touch of whimsy. I love blending one media into the next, making it hard to decide how something was created, but to have the viewer become lost in the fantastical of it. From character designs of fairies to story illustrations, my work is rich with color and magic.

My tools of choice are illustration and photography, while also incorporating a time-based element to bring them to life—from animation to marking and freezing time, I invite a diverse group of viewers into my art, to be immersed in my storytelling.

About winning the award

I learned so much during my time at CCAD—especially my love of teaching during the Saturday Morning Art Programs. Though working for a big animation company was what brought me there, I found joy in my craft helping others find their creative voice in the form education. I shifted my career goal in the direction of teaching using art and technology. When my students ask where they should continue their undergrad education, I always suggest CCAD. It is with pride and humility that I accept this award, hoping I reflect well on CCAD.


Creative Entrepreneur Award

portrait sugandh

Sugandh G. Agrawal (Industrial Design, 2005)
Gunas New York
New York, New York

About the artist

A self-proclaimed “design addict,” Sugandh G. Agrawal is a true visionary. She’s a world citizen, having been born in India and brought up in Germany and the United States since her middle teen years. This international experience truly influenced and further cultivated her interest in design.

Sugandh earned her BFA in Industrial Design from Columbus College of Art & Design. The intense four-year program refined her raw talent, transforming it into design expertise.

 She worked as one of the lead industrial designers for Whirlpool and KitchenAid in Michigan before deciding to relocate to New York, where she enrolled in the MPS Design Management program at the prestigious Pratt Institute. Here Agrawal formed the basis of her sustainable design thinking. Before embarking on creating her own collection, Agrawal had the opportunity to strengthen her industry knowledge working at Be&D Handbags and Victoria's Secret, creating visual brand language and conceptualizing innovation for their products.

About the work

Soon after completing my masters, in 2010, I launched GUNAS Inc., my line of luxury vegan bags—fusing my flair for design and marketing and combining my love for cruelty-free practices and sustainable design. Being vegetarian and an ardent animal lover inspired me to create these ultra-chic accessories with an eco-friendly focus.

GUNAS is now a highly sought after brand within the vegan and vegetarian communities with fans not only in the U. S., but also Europe, Canada, and Australia. The bags have been featured in publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Time, Huffington Post, PETA, Organic Spa, and VegNews among many others.

In 2012 GUNAS was named best in the Ethical Handbags category by the Ethical Fashion Forum in London. In 2015, I received the Green Handbag Designer Award by Handbag Designer 101, sponsored by InStyle magazine. Most recently, in 2018, Macy’s recognized me as the best independent retail handbag designer.

I draw inspiration from nature and other cultures, and find great pleasure in identifying emerging trends to keep the brand current, ethical, and eco-friendly.

My customers depend on the fact that, although they’re sporting the latest fashion trend, their carbon footprint is lessened and no animals—exotic or domestic—were used to create their ravishing GUNAS New York bags! 

About winning the award

Winning this award from CCAD is so special. CCAD was my first home away from home. Getting validation for my work from the institution that laid the foundation of my skills means a lot to me. I'm truly honored and humbled by this recognition.


Commitment to Service Award

michael mcFalls

Michael McFalls (Fine Arts, 1998)
Professor of Art, Director of Pasaquan
Columbus, Georgia

About the artist

Michael McFalls is a practicing artist, professor of art, and director of the visionary art environment, Pasaquan. McFalls received his BFA in fine arts from CCAD and his MFA from the University of California at Davis. He is a former Fulbright Scholar and has received numerous scholarships, grants, residencies, and awards for his artistic research and teaching.

Four years ago McFalls started collaborating with printmaker Jon Swindler and has since had six national and international exhibitions. In 2014 McFalls became fascinated by the visionary art of Eddie Owens Martin—a.k.a. St. EOM—and his art environment, Pasaquan. McFalls worked closely with the Kohler Foundation during a two-year, multi-million dollar restoration of Pasaquan and has since lectured and sat on many distinguished panels regarding outsider art at national and international conferences, universities, and art institutions.

About the work

Four years ago I started collaborating with University of Georgia professor and printmaker, Jon Swindler. We employ an interdisciplinary approach to our art making by attempting to blur the boundaries between printmaking and sculptural installation. Because of the positive experiences I had working with Jon, I have fully embraced the process of making art through collaboration. Over the last three years, I have developed several works of art with students and faculty from the Australia National University to the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and other universities across the United States.

I value and appreciate working with individuals and groups unfamiliar with the visual arts. Recently I constructed a 100-yard sculptural installation on the Columbus Riverwalk with a poet, produced an opera with a team of writers and musicians, and, currently, my students and I are working with artist Mark Dion to develop a piece for the Columbus Museum of Art.

About winning the award

It is a great honor and incredibly humbling to be recognized by your alma mater, especially one as distinguished as CCAD. Twenty years ago, when I left Columbus, Ohio, I knew I would be back someday, but I can safely say I never thought I would be coming back to receive an award. This award makes my return extremely special. I am earnestly grateful for the recognition of the collaborative work I have been doing over the years, and I recognize it was the many phenomenal faculty at CCAD that laid the foundation for me.


2017 award winners


The Joseph V. Canzani Alumni Award for Excellence

Eligibility: Nominees must be graduates of CCAD and must not have previously won the award.

Award criteria: This award is given to a CCAD alumnus who has earned prominence as a result of outstanding professional or artistic achievements in their chosen field.


Michael Flechtner (Fine Arts, 1981)

Michael Flechtner (Fine Arts, 1981)
Artist at Flechtroneonics
Van Nuys, California

About the artist

I was born and raised in Tiffin, Ohio. As a child, I was always drawing, making stuff from the things I found in the junk drawer, playing with fire and electricity, and taking apart my toys and other mechanisms to see what made them work. I enjoyed my K-12 art classes and went on to receive my BFA from CCAD in Fine Arts and a MFA from Wichita State University in sculpture and painting. I learned how to fabricate neon after graduate school and moved to Los Angeles, where I’ve resided ever since.

About the work

My work reflects a fascination with the various forms of language, technology, and how they influence and reflect contemporary culture. In my compositions I describe animals, machinery, people, etc., and utilize various forms of language. These “components” inhabit my internal landscape. I bring forth and arrange this highly idiosyncratic material to create pictograms, ideograms, and rebuses, surely shaped by the effects of my unconscious.

About winning the award

During my sophomore review, I was told that I might “be better off becoming a plumber.” I switched from illustration to fine arts and have never looked back. It is such an honor to be recognized for decades of hard work, literally “plumbing with light!” I got an amazing foundation for art-making at CCAD that has served me well. I work in a relatively unconventional medium so it is very satisfying as well to be recognized for the work I’ve created in neon and my contributions to contemporary art.

Emerging Leader Award

Eligibility: Nominees must be graduates who have studied at the institution within the last 10 years.

Award criteria: This award recognizes the outstanding achievements of alumni early in to post-graduate life. Recipients must have achieved notable success within their chosen field, or be able to demonstrate significant community impact. 


Colleen Clark (Illustration, 2014)

Colleen Clark (Illustration, 2014)
Designer for Social Media at Cartoon Network
Atlanta, Georgia

About the artist

Colleen Clark is an illustrator and designer from Gaithersburg, Maryland. After growing up with a love for magical girls and graphic novels, she attended CCAD to pursue comics. There, she co-founded The Illustration Student Collective and was awarded Student Leader of the Year for her work as president of the group in 2014. Her comic works have been featured in publications like Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post. She now works as a Designer for Cartoon Network, where she produces artwork for social media and marketing plans for Steven Universe and Adventure Time. She lives with her girlfriend in Atlanta, Georgia.

About the work

I make art to communicate the feelings I need to work through. When making comics, I tend to focus on the difficult things I’m feeling; my most popular comics focus on self-esteem, sexism, queer identity, and heartbreak. I’m usually motivated to work by a nagging feeling that other people need to hear whatever I need to express. My work for Cartoon Network is all light-hearted and bright, so I tend to lean towards heavier topics for my personal work.

About winning the award

I am incredibly humbled by this award. Every opportunity I have been given as an artist is because of the generous and inspiring community at CCAD. Even though I’ve started my journey in another city, my peers took the time to think of me and nominate me, reinforcing that spirit of encouragement instead of competition that I love about CCAD. I’m thankful for the reinforcement that I am making good work and that I’m on the right path. I can only dream that I’ll give other artists the same inspiration they’ve given me!

Commitment to Service Award

Eligibility: Nominees must be graduates of CCAD who show dedication to making a positive impact towards a social cause or within a community.

Award criteria: This award recognizes a graduate of CCAD who has demonstrated commitment in their personal or professional lives to the betterment of a community through philanthropy, advocacy and/or volunteerism.


Marshall Shorts (Industrial Design & Advertising & Graphic Design, 2006)

Marshall Shorts (Industrial Design & Advertising & Graphic Design, 2006)
Creative-N-Chief at Artfluential
Columbus, Ohio

About the artist

Marshall Shorts is a passionate creative with a commitment to being an agent of change for creative industries, community, and entrepreneurs. He is a teacher, entrepreneur, and owner of the Artfluential collective, a small creative agency. He is also co-founder of Creative Control Fest, a conference that centers people of color who participate or aspire to be a part of the ever-growing creative class. A Cleveland native and a proud husband and father, he tries — although he’s not always successful — to live up to his motto “Shut up and Create.”

About the work

Much of my work involves designing brand identities, campaigns, and consulting with small businesses, non-profits, and creative entrepreneurs. A few years ago, I noticed that the creative class had an issue of representation and thought leadership from the lens of people of color, and we wanted to change that. We started a number of events centering creatives of color that ultimately culminated in Creative Control Fest, an annual creative conference aimed at the mutual exchange of resources with creatives of color within creative industries. 

About winning the award

Winning this award is a full circle moment for me. CCAD was where I grew up. It is where I faced some of the most trying and triumphant times of my life and served as a catalyst for the work I do today. It is also very humbling that my community would think of me as a candidate qualified for such an award of service. I often feel like I am not doing enough because there is still so much work to be done in this world. I am truly grateful, and I think receiving this award is a manifestation of the countless people on whose shoulders I stand.

Arts Educator Award

Eligibility: Nominees must be graduates of CCAD who are actively employed as educators or education administrators.

Award criteria: Alumni who demonstrate exceptional skill as an art educator or a clear commitment to the field of art education may be considered for this award. Recipients may be educators or administrators in K-12 schools or higher education institutions.


Jon Keith Swindell (Illustration, 1973)

Jon Keith Swindell (Illustration, 1973)
Professor of Visual Art at University of Kansas
Vinland, Kansas

About the artist

Jon Keith Swindell has worked in the discipline of sculpture since 1974 with an emphasis on museum-based exhibitions. He has been the recipient of an NEA-Mid-America Arts Regional Award in Sculpture and the inaugural Kansas Arts Commission Meritorious Fellowship in Sculpture. Swindell’s work has been viewed internationally in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mexico, and Canada, as well as in 44 of the contiguous U.S. states and in Alaska and Hawaii. His work is represented in more than 75 public and private collections. Swindell is currently a Professor of Art at the University of Kansas in the School of the Arts. He joined the KU faculty in 1986, holding the prestigious distinction within the university as a Kemper Teaching Fellow. He taught previously at Washington State University, the University of Nebraska, and Columbus College of Art & Design, where he began his teaching career in 1972. Swindell received his MFA degree from the University of Nebraska with distinction and his BFA degree from Columbus College of Art & Design. Swindell is a native Nebraskan, born in Holdrege in 1950.

About the work

My research and creative activity has centered in studio-based reproduction of contemporary sculpture, typically exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. The themes in my work center in WWII narratives involving PTSD, war daily diary narratives of British Women, and my British Mother’s Alzheimer’s. My research shifted with my 2009 sabbatical project Making Art Out of Cars; The Confluence of Kustom Kulture and Art Since 1950. My current studio practice is involved in the production of original scratch built Vintage American Post World War II Hot Rods. I continue to have my traditional sculpture work exhibited nationally in museum-based curated exhibitions. Recently, my work was included in the international exhibition Its Surreal Thing: The Temptation of Objects, at the Sheldon Museum of Art, University of Nebraska/Lincoln.

About winning the award

I am deeply honored to be the recipient of the CCAD Alumni Arts Educator Award for 2017. My mentor Joseph V. Canzani offered me a teaching position with CCAD as a fledgling instructor 45 years ago this summer. CCAD was not only my educational foundation, but became the very foundation that my teaching craft and pedagogy were built upon in art and design within the four institutions that I have served as an educator. It has been my fortune to share my rich CCAD experience throughout my tenure and now in the sunset of my career, to return to the roots that fueled my imagination, my creative life, and myteaching endeavors.

Creative Entrepreneur Award

Eligibility: Nominees must be CCAD graduates who demonstrate success as an entrepreneur or innovator within an organization or the community at large.

Award criteria: To be considered for this award, the recipient must have made significant contributions to a business, public, or non-profit organization, with preference given to an individual who has started a business or non-profit. Leadership within the community, organizations, and service groups may also be considered.


Paula Froehle (Fine Arts, 1987)

Paula Froehle (Fine Arts, 1987)
CEO & Co-founder at Chicago Media Project
Chicago, Illinois

About the artist

A film director, visual artist, educator, and entrepreneur, Paula Froehle is Co-founder & CEO of Chicago Media Project, where she guides 50+ members in the philanthropic support of social impact documentary films. Froehle is also the fund manager for CMP Invest/Impact & CMPAC equity funds, which invest in documentary films with commercial appeal such as recent Sundance premieres: Icarus (acquired by Netflix), Step (acquired by Fox Searchlight), and Trophy (acquired by CNN & The Orchard).

From 2006 to 2014, Froehle was the Founding Academic Dean of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, where she developed an immersive degree program in filmmaking, recording arts, graphic design, animation, and game design. Froehle has also been involved in the founding of several startups, including Opal Pictures design & film production company (2004-present) and Atavistic Chicago (1988-2006). 

Froehle has directed 14 films and 20+ media projects, including The Show Must Go On: An Intimate Portrait of The Flying Wallendas, which premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival and is distributed by MVD.

About the work

My work encompasses a wide range of relationship-building and communications: I nurture connections between filmmakers and financiers, mentor filmmakers in the production of films, direct and produce movies, and provide engaging content for public audiences in Chicago and nationally. I have been fortunate to live a life immersed in the arts, education, and community building. CMP is the culmination of many of my interests — as an educator, a filmmaker, and an entrepreneur.

About winning the award

CCAD was truly a haven for me creatively. It provided me with the foundation to achieve as an artist, an educator, and an entrepreneur. It is an honor to receive this distinction from an institution that nurtured my ambition, helped develop my confidence, and refined my skillset to enable me to create artwork, organizations, and institutions that could reach people and support others creatively.

In particular, I would like to acknowledge Curt Benzle, Chuck Herndon, Ban Kajitani, and Dennis Drummond for their tireless teaching and educational rigor. The education I received was absolutely essential to my development, and I have been continually impressed by the work of its graduates. I am proud to be an alum.


Past alumni awards


  • 2016 Derek Fansler (Fine Arts, 1995)
  • 2015 Steven Hubbard (Time Based Media Studies, 2010) Time Based Media Studie
  • 2014 Inka Essenhigh (Fine Arts, 1991)
  • 2013 Chad Hunt (Photography, 1994)
  • 2012 Dan Scanlon (Illustration, 1998)
  • 2011 Nathan Greno (Illustration, 1996)
  • 2010 Rosanne Percivalle (Illustration, 1980) 
  • 2009 Aaron Szymanski (Industrial Design, 1991)
  • 2008 Joan Hall (Fine Arts, 1974)
  • 2007 Ron Tsang (Industrial Design, 1983)
  • 2006 Jeff Link (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1969) (awarded posthumously)
  • 2003 William "BJ" Van de Velde (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1961)
  • 2002 Charles O'Connor (Industrial Design, 1962)
  • 2001 Dean Mitchell (Illustration, 1980)
  • 2000 Edmund Kuehn (Fine Arts, 1938)
  • 1999 Wucius Wong (1965)
  • 1994 Dean Mitchell (Illustration, 1980)
  • 1994 James C. Lutz (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1978)
  • 1994 Linzy Randolph
  • 1993 Mary Lou Alpert (1956 – 60)
  • 1992 Ruth Anne Johnson (Illustration, 1965 – 70)
  • 1992 Chris Snell (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1972)
  • 1991 Daniel Thomas Chrzanowski (Illustration, 1970)
  • 1991 George Gaadt (Illustration, 1966)
  • 1991 Dean Kette (1959)
  • 1991 George Kinney
  • 1991 Ann Rothan (Fine Arts, 1992)
  • 1990 Arthur Klemushin (Illustration, 1966)
  • 1990 Doug Anderson (Illustration, 1942) 
  • 1990 Ming Fay (Industrial Design, 1965)
  • 1990 James F. Lutz (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1978)
  • 1990 Beverly Jane Niffenegger (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1977)
  • 1990 Marcia Tabler (Retail Advertising, 1974)
  • 1989 Kenneth Batista (Fine Arts, 1975)
  • 1989 Robert Bender (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1966)
  • 1989 George Radway (Fine Arts, 1938)
  • 1989 Clyde Singer (1934)
  • 1989 Wucius Wong (1965)
  • 1988 Stanley Ray Corfman (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1960)
  • 1988 James Grimes (Industrial Design, 1963)
  • 1988 Margaret Lynn (1935)
  • 1988 Thomas O'Donnell (1955)
  • 1988 Jack Shinn (Fine Arts, 1942)
  • 1988 Marilyn Skeffington (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1969)
  • 1987 Frank Hoffelt
  • 1987 Dorothy Neill (1937)
  • 1987 Charles O'Connor (Industrial Design, 1962)
  • 1987 Bernard Stockwell (Industrial Design, 1948)
  • 1987 B. J. Van de Velde (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1961)
  • 1982 Jerry McDaniel (Illustration, 1957)