CCAD Alumni Awards

Columbus College of Art & Design graduates are changing culture and commerce, making a major impact in Columbus and far beyond. Each year, CCAD recognizes a select few with alumni awards, which are presented to winners in November.

Nominations open May 4, 2020 and close July 5, 2020. Nominate here.

2019 award winners


soo sunny park

Arts Educator Award

Soo Sunny Park (Fine Arts, 1998)

Professor of Studio Art, Dartmouth College

Orford, New Hampshire

About the artist

Soo Sunny Park is a Professor of Studio Art and the Parents Distinguished Research Professor at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. She received a BFA (1998) from CCAD and an MFA (2000) in Sculpture from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. She was born in Seoul, Korea, and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and Orlando, Florida. She is best known for her installation work titled Unwoven Light. 

About the work

Light is usually treated as a liminal being, something that mediates our visual awareness of the world, but not something that we see in and of itself. In my work, light is not just a means by which the form is seen but also a material out of which my installations are made. Light is more than just a means by which we see the work. Without light, there is no projection, reflection, translucency, or shadow, so the artwork is not complete. Subtle variations in color, angle, movement, and brightness of light throughout the day become part of the work itself.

About winning the award

I am humbled by this honor. CCAD left an enduring mark on me as an artist and teacher. Working through the foundation program turned me from a painter into a sculptor. I learned new ways of conceptualizing my work, and those lessons still inform my art practice. Throughout my career, I have passed on lessons I learned at CCAD to new generations of students at Washington University in St. Louis and Dartmouth College. This award reconnects me with my roots as an artist, and I could not be more grateful for it. 

paul richmond

Commitment to Service Award

Paul Richmond (Illustration, 2002)

Associate Art Director, Dreamspinner Press

Monterey, California

About the artist

Paul Richmond is an internationally recognized visual artist and activist whose career has included exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States as well as publication in numerous art journals and anthologies. In his role as the associate art director for LGBTQ+ publisher Dreamspinner Press, he has created more than 400 novel cover illustrations. He is a co-founder of the You Will Rise Project, an organization that empowers those who have experienced bullying to speak out creatively through art. He lives with his husband Dennis in Monterey, California.

About the work

My paintings are an investigation of identity, vulnerability, and human nature. Reality and abstraction compete within the figurative foundation of each piece to make the subject’s inner struggles more tangible. I often draw upon personal history to approach universal themes, inviting understandings that reach beyond the immediate surface and reveal the complexity of the individual. My activism has a similar goal. The You Will Rise Project helps those who have experienced bullying to find their own creative voices and speak out, empowering them to celebrate their individuality while connecting with a supportive community. 

About winning the award

I am very honored and humbled to be receiving this award. CCAD has been a big supporter of this project from the start, and I'm deeply proud to be an alum of this wonderful school. Many activists are motivated to right the wrongs from their own lives. I was bullied severely during childhood and my art teacher helped me cope by giving me a creative outlet. That made a huge difference and it's important to me to pay that forward. Working with these brave young people deeply enriches my life and my art.

susana madrid

Creative Entrepreneur Award

Susana Madrid (Fashion Design, 2010)

Founder & Designer, Susana Madrid

Columbus, Ohio

About the artist

Fashion designer Susana Madrid was born in the United States and raised in Colombia, where she was surrounded by color, tropical dreams, and positive vibes. She considers herself Italian by heart after falling in love with Italian culture and the country’s many magical places during her fashion design studies and work as a footwear designer in Milano. Susana aims to create empowering journeys through beautiful and unique designs that go beyond aesthetics and make a positive impact on the wearer, the artisans, the community, and the planet.

About the work

SUSANA MADRID shoes are innovative and beautifully made pieces with an exotic and exuberant flirt. Each creation honors ethical work and “made in Italy” artistry, while celebrating Colombian roots. The brand is committed to creating luxury shoes, using top-quality materials, and seeking sustainable and socially committed processes that empower women, the community, and the planet. We are reinventing “basics” by offering flats, mid-heels, and high heels to salute a broad age range. Our goal is to lift spirits through striking and conscious designs. We want to celebrate women by giving them our shoes as brushes to paint and write their own story, making a mindful statement of who they are and what they stand for.

About winning the award

Winning this award is more than exciting, it’s humbling and extremely motivational. It’s a reassurance that all the hard work and passion I’ve put into building a dream are worth it! I feel truly blessed that I’ve had the opportunity to get an outstanding education, and I’m grateful for the wonderful people around me who have helped and encouraged me to continue doing what I love. Thanks to CCAD for always supporting, inspiring, and educating artists to stay curious, work hard, and pursue their dreams.

michael manes

Emerging Leader Award

Michael G. Manes (BFA Painting/Art History, 2009)

Gallery Director, Blue Spiral 1

Asheville, North Carolina

About the artist

Michael Manes is the director of Blue Spiral 1 Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina, one of Southeast’s most established galleries of contemporary fine art and studio craft. Michael earned his BFA from CCAD in 2009, with concentration in painting and a minor in art history. After graduating, Manes moved back home to Akron to work in the exhibitions departments at the Akron Art Museum and the Cleveland Museum of Art. He also taught grades K-5 as the artist-in-residence at a private school in Cleveland. After moving to Asheville in 2010, Manes became involved with the Asheville Area Arts Council, where he currently sits on the advisory board, the Center for Craft, and Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, where he currently sits on the board. Manes is a graduate of Leadership Asheville and facilitates the Downtown Asheville Arts District. He lives in Candler, North Carolina, with his wife Hanna and two pups, Ella and Mabel.

About the work

I am the gallery director at Blue Spiral 1, a fine art gallery located in Downtown Asheville. Blue Spiral 1 exhibits work by exceptional artists and object makers in a 15,000-square-foot gallery spanning three floors. This spacious setting allows the gallery to offer considerable diversity, affording accessibility to various tastes and aesthetics. Blue Spiral 1 maintains an extensive exhibition schedule, presenting over 25 shows annually. Thematic group exhibitions and individual artist showcases rotate every other month, and the gallery features a wide array of works by over 100 represented artists. Blue Spiral 1 also participates in international art fairs and has a very active online and social media presence.

About winning the award

Winning this award is a huge honor and surprise. I have always been involved in my community and, in particular, my local arts community. Being a leader or having a leadership role within my community is something that has come naturally to me and where I feel I am supposed to be. I feel comfortable working with others and collaborating in order to raise awareness and advocacy for the arts. With that being said, I feel I am only just beginning and still have much to learn.

manjari sharma

Joseph V. Canzani Award

Manjari Sharma (Media Studies, Photography, 2004)


Santa Barbara, California

About the artist

Manjari Sharma makes work that addresses issues of identity and personal mythology. Her work has been exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Kunst Museum De Moritzburg, Asia Society, Carlos Museum, and Emory University, among many other venues. Manjari was awarded first place for CENTER's Curator's Choice award by Malcolm Daniel and selected as an honorable mention for the coveted Santa Fe Prize. Manjari's work has been featured in The New York Times, Vice Magazine, Monocle, Geo, Wired, CNN, LA Times, The Huffington Post and NPR. It’s in the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and among various private collections.

About the work

I consider myself a lens-based artist and a researcher. My work is rooted in portraiture, and I am particularly enthralled with human psychology. Whether I’m telling a story about my family, my culture, or community at large, I investigate and study patterns. As an artist that loves form, I am predisposed to look for motifs, shape, structure, and symmetry but I am equally motivated to learn about the inner landscape of my subject. I consider my stories important and I invite my audience to stare, to read and, most importantly, to ask questions.

About winning the award

As I approach a mid-career point in my field, I look back at the infrastructural elements that have allowed me to pursue my art with passion and it makes me proud that I can identify so many teachers at CCAD whose messages have stayed with me. This award is of great significance to me as I continue my journey forward because it allows me to feel connected to the roots of my learning. CCAD gave me a community, and it pushed my voice and practice. As I look ahead into the limitless potential of the future, I'm happy to have the support of my alma mater. I'm grateful for CCAD's continued attention and aim to march ahead with renewed confidence. 

bob barner

CCAD Core Values Award

Bob Barner (Illustration Major, Advertising Minor, 1970)

Author/Illustrator at Barner Associates

San Francisco, California

About the artist

Bob Barner is the creator of many popular children's books, including Dem Bones, Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!, and Fish Wish. He graduated from CCAD and worked as an art director before starting his career in publishing. He likes to present his work to schools and libraries all around the world. His books are in print in French, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Several of his titles have been developed as videos and set to music. He lives with his wife Catherine in San Francisco.

About the work

From my early days, one of my favorite places was the library. I have always liked finding out about the world and telling stories. While at CCAD I never thought about working in publishing even though I had a strong interest in the field. After working as an art director and illustrator for years I developed a passion for writing and illustrating non-fiction books for young readers. I like to think that I may be one of the most interesting teachers my readers will have. Most importantly, I seem to enjoy writing about the same subjects that they like. 

About winning the award

I had four wonderful and intense years at CCAD. One of my most important first-year classes was color concept taught by Dean Canzani. I can remember a moment of breakthrough when what he had been sharing with us for weeks finally became clear. That weekly class helped define my time at CCAD. I use what I learned there every day, making this award a very special reminder of what my time in Columbus means to me and my career. 

  • 2018 Tony West (Illustration, 1989) Canzani Award for Excellence
  • 2018 AG Ford (Illustration, 2007) Core Values Award
  • 2018 Ali Prater (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2013) Emerging Leader Award
  • 2018 Aubrey Jewel Rodgers (Time-Based Media, 2000) Arts Educator Award
  • 2018 Sugandh G. Agrawal (Industrial Design, 2005) Creative Entreprenuer Award
  • 2018 Michael McFalls (Fine Arts, 1998) Commitment to Service Award
  • 2017 Michael Flechtner (Fine Arts, 1981) Canzani Award for Excellence
  • 2017 Colleen Clark (Illustration, 2014) Emerging Leader Award
  • 2017 Marshall Shorts (Industrial Design & Advertising & Graphic Design, 2006) Commitment to Service Award
  • 2017 Jon Keith Swindell (Illustration, 1973) Arts Educator Award
  • 2017 Paula Froehle (Fine Arts, 1987) Creative Entrepreneur Award
  • 2016 Derek Fansler (Fine Arts, 1995)
  • 2015 Steven Hubbard (Time Based Media Studies, 2010)
  • 2014 Inka Essenhigh (Fine Arts, 1991)
  • 2013 Chad Hunt (Photography, 1994)
  • 2012 Dan Scanlon (Illustration, 1998)
  • 2011 Nathan Greno (Illustration, 1996)
  • 2010 Rosanne Percivalle (Illustration, 1980) 
  • 2009 Aaron Szymanski (Industrial Design, 1991)
  • 2008 Joan Hall (Fine Arts, 1974)
  • 2007 Ron Tsang (Industrial Design, 1983)
  • 2006 Jeff Link (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1969) (awarded posthumously)
  • 2003 William "BJ" Van de Velde (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1961)
  • 2002 Charles O'Connor (Industrial Design, 1962)
  • 2001 Dean Mitchell (Illustration, 1980)
  • 2000 Edmund Kuehn (Fine Arts, 1938)
  • 1999 Wucius Wong (1965)
  • 1994 Dean Mitchell (Illustration, 1980)
  • 1994 James C. Lutz (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1978)
  • 1994 Linzy Randolph
  • 1993 Mary Lou Alpert (1956 – 60)
  • 1992 Ruth Anne Johnson (Illustration, 1965 – 70)
  • 1992 Chris Snell (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1972)
  • 1991 Daniel Thomas Chrzanowski (Illustration, 1970)
  • 1991 George Gaadt (Illustration, 1966)
  • 1991 Dean Kette (1959)
  • 1991 George Kinney
  • 1991 Ann Rothan (Fine Arts, 1992)
  • 1990 Arthur Klemushin (Illustration, 1966)
  • 1990 Doug Anderson (Illustration, 1942) 
  • 1990 Ming Fay (Industrial Design, 1965)
  • 1990 James F. Lutz (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1978)
  • 1990 Beverly Jane Niffenegger (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1977)
  • 1990 Marcia Tabler (Retail Advertising, 1974)
  • 1989 Kenneth Batista (Fine Arts, 1975)
  • 1989 Robert Bender (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1966)
  • 1989 George Radway (Fine Arts, 1938)
  • 1989 Clyde Singer (1934)
  • 1989 Wucius Wong (1965)
  • 1988 Stanley Ray Corfman (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1960)
  • 1988 James Grimes (Industrial Design, 1963)
  • 1988 Margaret Lynn (1935)
  • 1988 Thomas O'Donnell (1955)
  • 1988 Jack Shinn (Fine Arts, 1942)
  • 1988 Marilyn Skeffington (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1969)
  • 1987 Frank Hoffelt
  • 1987 Dorothy Neill (1937)
  • 1987 Charles O'Connor (Industrial Design, 1962)
  • 1987 Bernard Stockwell (Industrial Design, 1948)
  • 1987 B. J. Van de Velde (Advertising & Graphic Design, 1961)
  • 1982 Jerry McDaniel (Illustration, 1957)