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Hear from some CCAD Voices

Want to know more about Columbus College of Art & Design? You’ve come to the right place. Hear directly from members of our community about who we are, what drives us, the value of a CCAD education, and how you can use the things you learn here and the people you’ll meet to make a difference in your hometown and around the world.

CCAD Voices: How does CCAD give back?

At Columbus College of Art & Design, we are a community of creative problem solvers, artists, designers, and visionaries. We give back to our community through collaborative learning partnerships that take place in the classroom and solve the real-world challenges of today and tomorrow. Our alumni shape culture and commerce in Columbus and beyond by starting businesses and being a pivotal part of Columbus’ thriving creative community. Our faculty, staff, students, and alumni are involved in major events such as Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, an annual comics, art, and animation festival. Learn about how CCAD is giving back to the community in this video. 


CCAD Voices: What are the biggest myths about art school?

When it comes to an art and design education there are many myths, from the notion that you can’t make a living to the idea that school is easy because you have natural talent. At Columbus College of Art & Design you’ll hone your craft while experiencing a rigorous and challenging education filled with real-world learning opportunities, problem solving, and business lessons that will set you up for success.

Hear directly from our faculty in this video as they address common and misguided tropes about art school. 

Healthy creativity is a community-wide effort

When it comes to healthy creativity, our faculty and staff aren’t just talking the talk, they’re walking the walk. (In some cases, literally.) From yoga to weightlifting, meditation to swimming, gardening to walking—and, oh yeah, getting plenty of sleep—our faculty have adopted healthful practices that keep them mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. In addition to making them more balanced as individuals and professionals, our faculty and staff are great role models for our students.



CCAD Voices: What is the value of a liberal arts education?

Being a successful artist or designer requires more than just learning about your craft. It also takes the ability to think and communicate clearly, to identify problems and find ways to solve them.

At Columbus College of Art & Design, you’ll gain a liberal arts education that will support you in thinking critically and analyzing information effectively. You’ll broaden your worldview as you learn to explore within and across disciplines and build the foundation to be a better artist and designer.

Hear directly from our faculty about the benefits of a liberal arts education at CCAD in this video.

CCAD Voices: Why is collaboration important in art and design?

Creative collaborations take your work to the next level. By partnering with others, you'll gain new perspectives and ideas, develop valuable relationships, and learn the skills you need to succeed in the real world, whether you're working with a gallery or a global company.  

At CCAD, we encourage students to take risks, work across disciplines, and move beyond the walls of the college to partner with corporate and community organizations. Hear directly from our faculty about the benefits of collaboration in this video.