Chroma 2018: Cinematic Arts/Film & Video Seniors

Ashley Patrick

Favorite spot on campus: Crane Cafe

Favorite spot in Columbus: Short North

Advice to incoming students: Build friendships. Work hard. Collaborate.

Senior quote: "The less I think about myself, the more happy I become."

Heather Saunders

Favorite spot on campus: Kinney 309

Favorite spot in Columbus: The Book Loft, German Village

Advice to incoming students: Have fun with what you're doing. Make a lot of friends. Art is hard, so the people around you are going to get you through.

Senior quote: "There's no crying in Film School."

Clark Baker

Favorite spot on campus: Cine Studio

Favorite spot in Columbus: Condado

Advice to incoming students: It's okay to prioritize your mental health over schoolwork!

Senior quote: "Fix it in post."

Jenna Feldman

Favorite spot on campus: Basement of AMF

Favorite spot in Columbus: Olentangy Trail

Advice to incoming students: Save your document.

Senior quote: "The bigger the hair, the closer to God."

Mac Collins

Favorite spot on campus: Stop Motion Lab/Photo Studio

Favorite spot in Columbus: Scioto River

Advice to incoming students: Self care. Food. Happy cartoons.

Damon Devine

Favorite spot on campus: Kinney Hall

Favorite spot in Columbus: Dirty Franks

Advice to incoming students: Do your work, don't procrastinate.

Kwok Hei Vincent Chan

Favorite spot on campus: Crane

Advice to incoming students: Don't be afraid to ask questions

Senior quote: "Just be yourself." -from me