Chroma 2018: Fine Arts Seniors

Nicole Bean

Favorite spot on campus: Battelle

Favorite spot in Columbus: Local Bar

Chloe Garber

Favorite spot on campus: Outdoor area of Library with nature sound effects

Favorite spot in Columbus: Olive Garden

Advice to incoming students: Work hard and don't forget to sleep.

Laney Norman

Favorite spot on campus: My studio when it's empty

Favorite spot in Columbus: Anywhere my cat is

Advice to incoming students: Be open to change, especially the unexpected kind.

Senior quote: "Remember, wherever you go...there you are." -Buckaroo Banzai

Tyler Davis

Favorite spot on campus: Quad

Favorite spot in Columbus: Seven Son

Advice to incoming students: SLEEP.

Eris Lynn

Favorite spot on campus: Hot Shop

Favorite spot in Columbus: Down by the Scioto River

Advice to incoming students: Listen to advice but in the end do what you want to do.

Senior quote: "I came to art school to blow glass - I'm here for a good time, not a long one."

Jason Elizondo

Favorite spot on campus: Studio 5 in AMF

Favorite spot in Columbus: Boscoe's Gay Bar

Advice to incoming students: "People will always talk— give 'em something to talk about"

Senior quote: "Changing the world one pink piece at a time."

Molly Jones