Chroma 2019: Advertising & Graphic Design Seniors

annagrace balckburn portrait

Anna-grace Blackburn 

Favorite spot on campus: The Quad

Favorite spot in Columbus: Franklinton Arts District

Advice to incoming students: Work smarter, not harder.

reed costello portrait

Reed Costello

Favorite spot on campus: DSB Room 102

Favorite spot in Columbus: Dirty Franks

Advice to incoming students: Do what you want to do, don't let anyone (including yourself) get in the way of your aspirations.


madison McConkie portrait

Madison McConkie 

Favorite spot on campus: 3rd Floor of Crane

Favorite spot in Columbus: My bed

Advice to incoming students: Work hard, don't give up, it will eventually be worth it.

mckenzie lee willars portrait

Mickenzie Lee Willars 

Favorite spot on campus: Zac Boyer's office

Favorite spot in Columbus: My house.

Advice to incoming students: Talk to people. People are great.

amanda burnside portrait

Amanda Burnside 

Favorite spot on campus: The Quad in the warmer months

Favorite spot in Columbus: I really love any park or green space!

Advice to incoming students: Be gentle and kind to yourself, and support each other

jonah kerst portrait

Jonah Kerst

Favorite spot on campus: Roosevelt Coffeehouse

Favorite spot in Columbus: Columbus Park of Roses

Advice to incoming students: Take advice, earn respect, and do what makes you happy!


justin remotap portrait

Justin Remotap

Favorite spot on campus: Canzani first floor bathroom because it's warm

Favorite spot in Columbus: Lucky's Market, but specifically in the bulk section near the lemonade rings

Advice to incoming students: Do what makes you happy, sis

jazzy carter portrait

Jazzy Carter

Favorite spot on campus: Crane 3rd Floor

Favorite spot in Columbus: Any cafe

Advice to incoming students: Incorporate the things you love outside of your craft INTO your craft. It helps start conversations and helps you grow into the artist you want to be. 

Matty McClelland portrait

Matty McClelland

Favorite spot on campus: The library

Favorite spot in Columbus: Amul India, they have the best food


abbey sutula portrait

Abbey Sutula

Favorite spot on campus: The Quad

Favorite spot in Columbus: Kingmakers Board Game Parlour

Advice to incoming students: Show up + be ready