Chroma 2019: Illustration Seniors

haley baker

Haley Baker 

hailey corrigan

Hailey Corrigan

Favorite spot on campus: Crane Cafe

Favorite spot in Columbus: Brassica

Advice to incoming students: Don't worry about finding your "art style" early on, you have SO much time to figure that out, so just enjoy the process and everything will fall into place. 

sammi davis

Sammi Davis

Favorite spot on campus: Crane Cafe

Favorite spot in Columbus: The Unicorn Statue by the Thurber House

Advice to incoming students: The most important thing you can do is try!

kaitlynn frazier

Kaitlynn Frazier

sarah holland kimbrel

Sarah Holland Kimbrell

Favorite spot on campus: Not Kinney Hall

Favorite spot in Columbus: The Bicentennial Park swings.

Advice to incoming students: Maybe, don't.

ali lemichuck

Ali Lemichuk

Favorite spot on campus: The library

Favorite spot in Columbus: Anywhere food is

Advice to incoming students: Don't be afraid of your professors.

damani mereday

Damani Mereday

Favorite spot on campus: Bench Bench

Favorite spot in Columbus: Short North

Advice to incoming students: Don't overwork yourself to death

jace turner

Jace Turner

Favorite spot on campus: The lounge on the third floor of the Crane Center

Favorite spot in Columbus: The Book Loft in German Village

Advice to incoming students: Remember to take a break and breath, don't get burnt out!

ethan brentson

Ethan Brentson

Favorite spot on campus: The platform on the 2nd floor of Crane that leads outside that no one goes on.

Favorite spot in Columbus: Scioto River

Advice to incoming students: Make friends and try to get every wink of sleep you can. 

anne marie costigan

AnneMarie Costigan

Favorite spot on campus: Illustration lab

Favorite spot in Columbus: Jack and Benny's

Advice to incoming students: You will get better eventually.

royal dunlap

Royal Dunlap

Favorite spot on campus: "Bench Bench"

Favorite spot in Columbus: Gateway Film Center

Advice to incoming students: Don't stop believing.

jackie golias

Jackie Golias

Favorite spot on campus: Printmaking Lab

Favorite spot in Columbus: Tensuke Market

Advice to incoming students: Do what makes you happy.

timothy james

Timothy James

annalyn markley

Annalyn Markley

Favorite spot on campus: Packard Library

Favorite spot in Columbus: Easton

Advice to incoming students: Don't be afraid to take risks and make mistakes. Mistakes are what make you grow the most.

olivia saunders

Olivia Saunders

Favorite spot on campus: The mailroom!

Favorite spot in Columbus: Olde Towne East

Advice to incoming students: Learn wherever and whenever you can!

lewis cade

Lewis Cade

Favorite spot on campus: 3rd Floor Crane

Favorite spot in Columbus: Roosters: A Fun Casual Joint

Advice to incoming students: Rest often, work hard, and create the art that only you can. 

emily dailey

Emily Dailey

Favorite spot on campus: Student lounge

Favorite spot in Columbus: Scioto Mile

Advice to incoming students: Grades don't matter. You're in school to learn. 

megan early

Megan Early 

Favorite spot on campus: The Quad on a sunny day

Favorite spot in Columbus: 400 W Rich Street

Advice to incoming students: Follow your heart

yifei gu

Yifei (Yiffy) Gu

Favorite spot on campus: DSA

Favorite spot in Columbus: High Street

Advice to incoming students: Go outside and explore this city.

grace maughmer

Grace Maughmer

Favorite spot on campus: Anywhere outside when it is sunny

Favorite spot in Columbus: Little Palace

Advice to incoming students: Take your time.

sanne sok

Sanne K Sok

Favorite spot on campus: The library!

Favorite spot in Columbus: My house.

Advice to incoming students: Get some sleep but like not too much.