Chroma 2019: Interior Architecture & Design Seniors

taylre arnold

Taylre Arnold

Advice to incoming students: Be confident and passionate in what you want to do. 

Tara Kursinsky

Favorite spot on campus: Crane Second Floor

Favorite spot in Columbus: Roosevelt Coffeehouse

Advice to incoming students: Don't procrastinate on your work. 

rose white

Rose White

Favorite spot on campus: Packard Library

Favorite spot in Columbus: Scioto Mile

Advice to incoming students: Don't think your time is just about getting work done. Make it about focusing on you. 

catie hade

Catie Hade

Favorite spot on campus: Interior Architecture Materials Library

Favorite spot in Columbus: Franklin Park Conservatory

Advice to incoming students: Take any opportunity you get!

madison russell

Madison Russell

Favorite spot on campus: 3rd floor of Crane, looking over campus

Favorite spot in Columbus: Taking Spring Street from Grandview you can see the whole city.

Advice to incoming students: Pace yourself, don't be afraid to take a break when things get busy. 

conor heisler

Conor Heisler

Favorite spot on campus: Second floor of Crane

harini somasekhar

Harini Somasekhar

Favorite spot on campus: My studio

Favorite spot in Columbus: North Market

Advice to incoming students: Start participating in events and clubs early! It's the best way to make connections. Also, don't be afraid to take up leadership.