Creative Campus

Columbus College of Art & Design is undergoing a campus beautification initiative called Creative Campus. As a City of Columbus public service project, Creative Campus will provide necessary upgrades to the streets, sidewalks, and aesthetic elements in our neighborhood.

In the long term, that means slowing down traffic to ensure the safety of our campus, adding more trees, benches, and lighting. In the short term, it means construction.


Here's the latest:

As of Friday, Aug. 17:

  • The church parking lot at the corner of Cleveland Avenue and E. Broad Street will be closed for repairs on Tuesday, Aug. 21, and Wednesday, Aug. 22, for repairs. Please use the church parking lot next to the Canzani Center or another CCAD lot as an alternative.

As of Friday, July 27:

  • Design Square Apartments' (DSA) front entrance (Cleveland Ave. side) will be closed. Please use the back entrance (west side) to access DSA.

As of Monday, July 16, 2018:

  • The front entrance to the Canzani Center is now open. But if you're in the parking lot next to the Canzani Center and First Congregational Church near North Ninth Street, please enter via the side entrance on Cleveland Avenue or the rear entrance at the southeast corner of the building.
  • The sidewalk along the west side of Cleveland Avenue is closed between the entrance of Design Square Apartments and Gay Street.
  • To cross Cleveland Avenue, please walk to East Long Street or East Broad Street. 
  • The sidewalks on North Ninth Street are closed between East Long Street and East Gay Street.
  • Kinney Hall can only be accessed from the back parking lot.


Worth the wait?

The construction is part of the Creative Campus project, which includes:

  • preserving and adding more trees
  • repairing sidewalks
  • adding crosswalks where people naturally cross
  • adding a median on Cleveland Avenue
  • adding raised intersections at Gay and Cleveland, Gay and Ninth, and Gay and Washington
  • adding benches, chill chairs, and more street lighting

campus construction map ccad