Endowed scholarships

The American Greetings Scholarship for Excellence in Design

The American Greetings Scholarship for Excellence in Design was established as an endowed scholarship fund at CCAD in 2000 by American Greetings Corporation. This is a merit based scholarship that recognizes one top sophomore or junior graphic design student each year.

American Greetings Corporation is a long-time supporter of CCAD and over the years has employed many of our alumni to work in its Cleveland, Ohio headquarters.


The Ann Hughes Allen Endowed Scholarship

The scholarship was funded by Mr. Paul D. Allen, M.D., Ph.D. in memory of his wife Ann Hughes Allen. Ann was an alumna of CCAD and was a strong advocate of the arts throughout her life.  Ann met her husband Paul in 1968 on a train in Austria while she was on vacation from CCAD. After a whirlwind courtship, they married that October. Following the birth of their two children, Hilary and Caitlin, Ann completed her studies at CCAD in 1976 receiving her BFA. She immediately set up her studio and was an active artist for many years. She was also very involved in her community, an avid travel and boxer dog lover. She was also a devoted mother and grandmother. Ann’s life was cut short after losing her long struggle with type 1 diabetes in 2006.

The Ann Hughes Allen Endowed Scholarship is awarded to a female Fine Arts student preferably in the area of printmaking who has children. There is a memorial plaque in the printmaking studio to commemorate Ann and each scholarship recipient.


The William & Christine Belhorn Endowed Scholarship

Mr. William “Bill” Belhorn was a long-time employee of CCAD, working in the Business Office. He passed away at 58 years old in April of 2007 after a battle with cancer. Bill was a Vietnam veteran, a nature lover and conservationist, as well as being a dedicated father and grandfather.  The scholarship was originally an annual scholarship until his death in which it was endowed by Bill’s life insurance policy, Mrs. Christine Belhorn, and many of Bill’s friends.

The William & Christine Belhorn Endowed Scholarship is awarded to a full time (of at least sophomore standing) Fine Arts student.


The Joseph V. Canzani Scholarship

Joseph V. Canzani, Columbus College of Art & Design’s former President, spent one half century teaching, inspiring and disciplining hundreds of student artists and designers. When Mr. Canzani came to Columbus in 1949, the Columbus Art School consisted of 30 students, 2 teachers and 1 staff members, and was housed in one building, Beaton Hall. When he retired in 1995, he had created a nationally recognized accredited college with an enrollment of over 1,500, an accomplished faculty, and a campus consisting of 15 well-equipped buildings.

It was Mr. Canzani’s vision to create and advance the foundation studies curriculum that continues to set CCAD apart from other art and design schools. A prolific artist, a visionary leader, and a dynamic administrator all describe him, but most of all, he was a teacher. At the dedication of the Joseph V. Canzani Center building in 1993, Board of Trustee President Melvin L. Schottenstein said, “CCAD is CCAD because of Joseph Canzani. He has found success because his philosophy is simple: provide sound fundamentals in art and design and strive for excellence.” Mr. Canzani passed away in 2008.

This Joseph V. Canzani Scholarship recognizes one outstanding upper class student each year.


The Wilma J. Cecil Scholarship

Wilma J. Cecil was an accomplished jewelry designer and craftsman. She spent years dedicated to her craft including teaching jewelry making at the Jewish Center.  Mrs. Cecil created The Wilma J. Cecil Scholarship upon her death in 2010 when she passed away at 86 years old.

The Wilma J. Cecil Scholarship is awarded to a CCAD student studying jewelry design who has completed at least one year of study at CCAD and who maintains a GPA of at least 3.0.


Loann & Robert Crane Endowed Scholarship

Mrs. Loann Crane created the Loann & Robert Crane Endowed Scholarship in 2009 to support CCAD students. Mrs. Crane is a well-known philanthropist who has been integrated in the CCAD community for years, formerly a CCAD Board of Trustee member. The Crane family has been the beneficiary for many CCAD projects, scholarships, and the Loann Crane Center for Design. She was married to Mr. Robert Crane who was the former chairman for Crane Plastics for 27 years.

The Loann & Robert Crane Endowed Scholarship recognized one talented CCAD student each year.


The CCAD Creative Excellence Scholarship

The CCAD Creative Excellence Scholarship was created by the William H. Davis, Dorothy M. Davis and William C. Davis Foundation.  William H. Davis was a prominent businessman who built his fortune through real estate development and investments. He founded Davis & Son, Inc., which develops single-family homes, shopping centers, and apartment buildings in central Ohio. Mr. Davis died in 1984. His son, William C. (Bill) Davis, continued the company and served as chairman of the board until his death in 1991. Bill Davis laid the groundwork for the family’s foundation when he established a donor advised fund at The Columbus Foundation in 1988. Former owner and chairman of Davis Enterprises, Dorothy M. Davis was active in the central Ohio and Fort Lauderdale, Florida communities. She established the Dorothy M. Davis Chair in Cancer Research at the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute and the William H. Davis Chair in the American Free Enterprise System at The Ohio State University. Mrs. Davis served on the board of trustees of the Capital Area Humane Society and The Ohio State University Foundation. She was a supporter of the Royal Dames of Cancer Research and Nova University in Fort Lauderdale. Mrs. Davis was chairman and president of the Davis Foundation until her death in 1996.

The Davis family has a long history of philanthropy within the central Ohio community and has had an interest in CCAD for many years. The scholarship was endowed in 2009 by the Davis Foundation during CCAD’s Creative Drive Campaign. This scholarship is awarded annually to upper class students with financial need (but, that also are in good academic standing).


The Design Group, Inc. Scholarship

Design Group, Inc. is a Columbus based design firm that specializes in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, design-build, and 3-D visualization. Design Group has been a longtime supporter of CCAD, including this endowed scholarship established in 2000.

This scholarship is awarded annually to one talented interior design student.


The Suzie Edwards Endowed Scholarship

Suzie Edwards and her husband Peter Edwards are long-time supporters of CCAD and the arts. Mrs. Edwards served on the CCAD board of trustees from 1984-1997.

Mr. Edwards is the Chairman for Edwards Companies which is widely recognized for its creative approach to addressing the myriad challenges in real estate development and construction. Privately held and family owned since 1959, Edwards Companies serves as a holding company for a collection of operating entities engaged in the various facets of real estate. Over the years, the Company has built in excess of 30,000 residential housing units.

This scholarship is awarded annually to one talented interior design student.


The Christopher M. Haines Endowed Scholarship

Mr. Christopher Haines has been a supporter of CCAD scholarship and study abroad opportunities throughout the years. He created this scholarship in 2005 to be awarded to a sculpture or photography student of undergrad or graduate level, with a mid-level GPA and who shows great promise.


The Chuck Herndon Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was created by John Bock, M.D. of Columbus to recognize Mr. Chuck Herndon. Mr. Herndon, who retired from the CCAD faculty in 2007, witnessed the nighttime crash of a small plane into Lake Erie on Labor Day 2007. The plane had done down almost immediately after takeoff from Kelleys Island Municipal Airport. Herndon jumped into a small boat, rowed out to the crash site and pulled out a 7-year old Lima boy, who was treading water. Tragically, the boy’s father and nine-year old brother died in the accident. Herndon, who taught sculpture and drawing for 34 years, owns a gallery on Kelleys Island featuring his paintings, sculpture, and photographs.

This scholarship recognizes one talented Fine Arts student preferably in the area of sculpture.


The Charles W. Hinson Scholarship

The Charles W. Hinson Scholarship is named for the man who is credited with interpreting Les Wexner’s vision of what a women’s sportswear store should look like. During his 38 year career with The Limited, Inc., Charlie designed and built more than 5,200 stores starting with the very first Limited store at Kingsdale Shopping Center in Upper Arlington. His retail design concepts included EXPRESS, Victoria’s Secret, Structure, Limited Too, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Gaylan’s, and Cacique. He retired from The Limited in 2001.

Charlie, Charlene, and their children created the Hinson Family Trust to assist with their own charitable contributions and involve the 10 Hinson grandchildren in the process of giving back to the community. The Hinson Family Trust established the Charles W. Hinson Scholarship at CCAD in 2000.

This scholarship recognizes one outstanding student (entering at least their second year) in a field related to retail that also has financial need (with a preference to someone from the Columbus Public Schools).


The Dean Earl And Kelly Hollingsworth Scholarship

Susan Earl established this CCAD scholarship in the names of her father, the late F. Dean Earl (’29) and her daughter, Kelly Earl Hollingsworth (’95).

Mr. Earl attended CCAD in the late 1920s when it was known as the Columbus Art School. His successful career culminated in forming Jaeger and Earl Creative Art, Inc. in 1951. The firm’s clients included General Electric Company, Esquire magazine, and J.C. Penny Company.

From the time his granddaughter, Kelly, was three years old; she worked with her grandfather in his studio. According to Susan Earl, “The fact that Kelly graduated from CCAD would have made him very proud. He always spoke happily about his time in art school. My father was, of course, generous to charities, but he also gave to individuals who needed a little help. He especially enjoyed helping someone to follow a dream.”

Each year, this scholarship is awarded to a promising student in the School of Studio Arts.


The Dawson R. Kellogg Endowed Scholarship

Dawson Kellogg, who passed away in 2014, led CCAD’s glass department for over 17 years. After his passing, a scholarship was set up in his name to honor his service at CCAD.

The Dawson Kellogg Scholarship fund allows the glass director to send up to four undergraduate students to attend the Pilchuck School of Glass, Corning Museum of Glass, Penland School of Crafts, or any summer glass program identified.


The Elizabeth & Tahlman Krumm Scholarship

The Krumm family has been avid supporters of CCAD for many years. They established the Elizabeth & Tahlman Krumm endowed scholarship in 2005. They have added to the endowment over the years to increase the annual gift amount awarded as well as helping fund a variety of other CCAD projects over the years.

Dr. Tahlman Krumm served on the CCAD board of trustees from 2002-2011.

This scholarship recognizes a student who displays great merit in their work as well as having financial need.


The Mary M. Lane Endowed Scholarship

The donor to the Mary M. Lane scholarship fund, who wishes to remain anonymous, is a close friend of CCAD and has long been a dedicated supporter. The donor (along with some close family members) established and funded this scholarship for students who were studying abroad.

This scholarship is awarded to CCAD students in good academic standing who have artistic merit & financial need, as well as having been accepted in the study abroad program.


The Mary M. Morton Endowed Scholarship

Mary Mitchell endowed a scholarship at CCAD in memory of her mother, Martha M. Morton, a self-taught illustrator with a life-long interest in art. She wanted others to be able to pursue their artistic studies early in their career.

This scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need as well as merit to a student in visual communication.


The Aminah Robinson Endowed Scholarship

Born in Columbus in 1940, Aminah Robinson grew up certain that she would be an artist. Her artistic development began at the age of three under her father's guidance. In 1955, she began taking Saturday Morning Art Classes at CCAD (then the Columbus Art School), then formally enrolled as an undergraduate in 1957. She was given an honorary master's degree in 1991 by then-President Joseph V. Canzani.

In 2004, Robinson was (in her words) stunned to receive a MacArthur Fellowship, a no-strings-attached $500,000 award commonly known as the "genius grant." The MacArthur Foundation described her work as "Homeric in content, quantity, and scale."

After her passing in 2015, Aminah left a bequest to CCAD to set up an endowed scholarship in her name. Each year, it is awarded to one upper-class student with strong skill and academic standing, and financial hardship beyond the reach of financial aid, with a preference for students from Central Ohio.


The Susan R. Scherer Scholarship Fund

Susan R. Scherer has been an avid supporter of CCAD for many years. She has funded everything from scholarships, the MFA program, glass projects, and is a current member of the CCAD President’s Circle. She is dedicated to the CCAD mission and has continually supported the college in any way that she can. The scholarship was set up to ensure students were financially supported during their time at CCAD.

The Susan R. Scherer Scholarship Fund recognizes one deserving student each year.


The Paul & Billie Sloan Memorial Scholarship

The Paul & Billie Sloan Memorial Scholarship was established in 2002 by Rocky and Suzy Saxbe. Rocky Saxbe was a member of the CCAD Board of Trustees from 1999-2008, serving as Chairman for multiple years. Mr. Saxbe is currently an attorney in Columbus as well as a former politician. The establishment of this scholarship is just one example of the Saxbe’s commitment to the growth and continued development of CCAD.

The Paul & Billie Sloan Memorial Scholarship is awarded to one interior design student who has shown exceptional promise.


The Edith Smilack Endowed Scholarship

Edith Smilack was an alumna of CCAD who went on to become a faculty member. She was the chair of the sculpture department for a few years and introduced bronze casting at CCAD. She passed away in 2002 and her sons, Michael and Stephen Smilack, created an endowed fund to honor their mother. The fund was originally used to support an emerging leadership program which was eventually eliminated from the CCAD curriculum. The fund was then used to support this endowed scholarship.

The Edith Smilack Endowed Scholarship recognizes one fine arts student annual that has both outstanding merit and financial need.


The Jean Stearns Memorial Scholarship

Jean Stearns was a CCAD interior design student from Littleton, Colorado in 1999 when she died tragically. Her parents, Larry and Linda Stearns, established an endowment fund to memorialize Jean. With the generous contributions of family and friends, the Jean Stearns Memorial Scholarship has been fully endowed.

One award each year is made to a junior interior design student with financial need.


The Bernard R. Stockwell Industrial Design Endowed Scholarship

In 2006, Bernard Stockwell’s son Dave and daughter Laurie seeded a scholarship in honor of their father’s birthday and in recognition of his long-term association with CCAD as a 1948 graduate, faculty and dean. Later that year, The LeFevre Foundation agreed to endow the fund.

Bernard Stockwell passed away in August of 2016 at the age of 90, and his legacy continues on with his scholarship.

The Bernard R. Stockwell Industrial Design Scholarship is awarded to one industrial design student each year.


The Lowell Tolstedt Scholarship

The Lowell Tolstedt Scholarship was funded by alumna and former board of trustee member, Pamela Workman and her husband Thomas. They wanted to honor a wonderful professor at CCAD. Mr. Lowell Tolstedt is a Fine Arts professor emeritus, retired from CCAD after more than 35 years and serving as dean of the division of Fine Arts since 1981. He has work in a number of collections, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Museum of American Art at the Smithsonian Institute, the Columbus Museum of Art, the Evansville Museum of Art, and the Minnesota Museum of Art.

The Lowell Tolstedt Scholarship is awarded to a student of at least sophomore standing majoring in Fine Arts with an emphasis on drawing. There is a Lowell Tolstedt Prize awarded each spring as well.


The Justice Endowed Scholarship (Formerly Tween Brands, Inc. Endowed Scholarship)

Justice, a division of Ascena Retail Group, Inc., is the largest tween specialty retailer in the world, providing the hottest fashion merchandise and accessories for tween girls, ages 7–14. Since 2002, Justice has been sponsoring CCAD scholarships, which are awarded to seniors majoring in Fashion Design, or Advertising and Graphic Design. With many CCAD alumni working at their headquarters in New Albany, Ohio, Justice proudly supports the talents of CCAD students.

The company operates over 950 stores throughout the United States and Canada, along with an international presence in Asia, Mexico, Latin America, and the Middle East.  The Justice Endowed Scholarships are awarded to CCAD seniors majoring in Fashion Design or Advertising and Graphic Design.


Arlene & Michael Weiss Endowed Scholarship

The scholarship was funded by the generous CCAD supporters, Arlene and Michael Weiss, during the Creative Drive Comprehensive Campaign. Arlene served as a CCAD trustee from 2001-2010. The couple established this endowed scholarship but continues to support the general scholarship fund annually through the Senior Fashion Show.

The Arlene & Michael Weiss Endowed Scholarship are awarded to CCAD students each year based on merit.


The Pamela Workman Endowed Scholarship

The Pamela Workman Endowed Scholarship was funded by alumna and former board of trustee member, Pamela Workman and her husband Thomas.  Pamela believes CCAD had the single greatest impact on her life and for that reason wanted to support other students who were studying here. She said "My whole life, I wanted to attend CCAD, [but] I wasn't able to afford it until I was in my 40s. I just want to make it possible for others to do it sooner. It's a learning environment, an enveloping atmosphere. Once one has experienced CCAD, it's a life bubble-it goes with you."

The Pamela Workman Endowed Scholarship is awarded to a student of at least sophomore standing majoring in Fine Arts with an emphasis on painting. There is a Pamela Workman Prize awarded each spring awarded after a painting competition.