PlaceMakes has partnered with Gateway Film Center, Columbus International Film and Video, and Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) curating an evening of films on West Cherry St. in Downtown Columbus. Bring your chairs, blankets, and picnic baskets, and experience the urban landscape while taking in an evening of visual arts. 

The evening will be broken into two parts: 
Part One: Columbus International Film + Video will be showing short films:

CCAD student short films:

Niko Miller, "Always Too Late" 3:30
What can happen when you're afraid to fall in love, told in paper cutouts. 

Tracy Miller-Robbins, "Morning Coffee" 1:00
It’s the little things that count in this world. 

Sean Dunn, "Reflections"  :49
A hand drawn animation of thoughts, images and experiences that reflect on the temporality of our existence.

Andrew McKenzie, "The Dream of Life" 3:35
A visual representation of a lecture given by Allan Watts in the 1970s, illustrating a sense of time and space. 

Dana Reeves, "Box" :50
An abstract dance of simple geometric boxes, set to music. 

Shadow Wolf, "Elijah" 2:33
A creature born from a tree finds himself far from his natural home in the midst of a city.

Courtney Kuether, "Songbird" 2:15
A puppet animation of the author's grandmother, as she recalls years past.

Kelli Williams, "Feed" 2:57
A young woman is faced with concerns about what we eat.

Johnathan Dulaney, "No Rest" 3:52
The exhaustion of dreaming portrayed through the paranoid, fearful and confusing imagery of vivid nightmares and colorful lighthearted dreams.

Dustin Kober, "Mush" 5:10
A surreal journey through a landscape of flashbacks connecting the past with the present.

CIFVF film:

Julianna Thomas, "Black and White In Color" 2:11
A mesmerizing experimental response to treating black and white as an editing afterthought.

Part Two: Columbus Moving Image Arts Review (CMIAR) will be showing films:

Goodbye Margaret - Nicolette Swift

The Wild Iris - Sean McHenry

Terminal Vertices - Matthew Swift

[Wonder, Wander] - Catherine Lee

Mistranslated - Danielle Belgiovane

Lillian Edie Devoult:Portrait of a Transgendered Individual - Emily Holt.

Ísland film (work in progress) - Phil Garrett