Graduation information

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The 2021 Columbus College of Art & Design Commencement will be held online Saturday, May 15, at 10 a.m. (EDT). The event will include remarks from President Corn and other senior leadership at CCAD, Board of Trustees Chair Jack Beeler, and your student representatives; the conferring of an honorary doctorate upon Professor Emeritus Ric Petry; appearances by some of your CCAD faculty; and more—including the opportunity for your class to see each other as a group one last time via Zoom.

In addition, we intend to host an opportunity in the week leading up to Commencement for you to come to campus, receive your diploma, and take a photo by the Art Sign. More details about that optional in-person activity, as well as the virtual Commencement, will be forthcoming.

Congrats! All that hard work paid off, and you made it. We're excited to celebrate your awesome accomplishment at commencement. But first, there are a few things you need to do.

Eligibility for graduation

In order to be eligible for graduation, you must: 

  • Complete a BFA degree with a a minimum of 120 term credit hours in required courses or complete a MFA degree with a minimum of 60 term credit hours in required courses. 
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better for a BFA degree (or 3.0 or better for an MFA).
  • Present an approved portfolio.
  • Meet the appropriate residency requirements. (See student handbook for details).
  • Complete and submit an application for graduation before the deadline for the term you intend to graduate. Seniors who fail to complete an application for graduation on time will not receive their degrees.


For more specific information about Commencement 2021 visit the event page or the commencement hub.

Meet our Valedictorians and the Outstanding Seniors.

It’s on you.

Seniors are responsible for reviewing their completed coursework, with respect to graduation requirements, to ensure fulfillment of all degree requirements. This includes both your completed work at CCAD and any transfer credit from other institutions. It is your responsibility as a graduating senior to ensure that we receive all updated transcripts from other institutions prior to your last semester of attendance. All transcripts from other institutions must be addressed to the attention of the registrar.

Your division deans and faculty advisors are not responsible for ensuring that you have completed the required courses.

All candidates for graduation must have all delays of service cleared no later than two weeks prior to graduation. Any graduate with a delay of service will not receive service of any kind from CCAD, including the awarding of a degree or diploma, transcript service and other services requested. If you want to participate in the commencement ceremony and actually get your diploma during the ceremony, you must meet all deadlines, complete all academic requirements successfully and clear all delay-of-service holds.

If you're a graduating senior and you have questions regarding your requirement status, contact your advisor or division dean, or stop by the Registrar's Office.


Graduate clearance checklist

Please remember that if you have any outstanding debts or have not been cleared by the offices listed below, all services will be delayed. That means you will not receive your degree, diploma or transcripts (for employment, graduate school, etc.), and all other services to you will be stopped until the problem is resolved. Please use the following checklist to ensure you have cleared all areas prior to May 7.

Student loan information: All students who had Federal Direct Student Loans and/or Perkins Loans while attending CCAD must complete an Exit interview with the federal government and CCAD. These are two separate loan programs. The Perkins loan exit interview can be completed by logging on to The Federal Direct Student Loan exit interview must be completed by logging on to CCAD will be notified electronically once you complete this process.

Failure to complete the online loan exit interview process will prohibit us from giving you your degree. 

Cap, gown & commencement announcements

Your cap, gown, and generic commencement announcements will be available at the Registrar's Office about two weeks before the end of the term. We will send you an email announcing the pick-up date. There are a set number of generic announcements included in your graduation package.

If you would like to order personalized announcements at your own cost, you can call Jostens directly at 800.854.7464 or order from Jostens online. Click on Graduation, under College choose “All Products”, and then select your school. PLEASE make sure to allow at least 2 weeks processing time for Jostens for any individual announcement order.

Dates & deadlines

  • May 7: Final grades due for May graduates. You must complete all your degree requirements by May in order to attend commencement and graduate. Your grades are due from the faculty on May 7 by noon. We will distribute special graduate lists to faculty; however, please be sure to remind your instructors that you are a May graduate. You can check your grades online via Self Service.