Internships provide valuable opportunities to tap into the growing talent pool in Columbus. The following are CCAD’s requirements for a student to earn college credits for an internship:

  • The experience must span the duration of a full semester (8 weeks for summer or 16 weeks for spring/fall).
  • The commitment must include at least 240 on-site work hours completed during the semester. (This does not include virtual experiences.) This averages to about 15 hours per week for a fall or spring semester, or 30 hours per week during a summer semester.
  • The work must be directly related to the student’s major area of study.
  • The supervisor must be an industry professional within the student’s major area of study.
  • The supervisor and student must outline and define learning objectives to complete within the internship.
  • The supervisor must agree to and complete an end-of-term evaluation about the student’s experience.

For more information, contact or 614.222.4045.