I am a parent of a prospective CCAD student

We understand that helping your student find the right school can be an exciting but sometimes stressful process. There's a lot that goes into the decision. To get started, explore our website and read about our majors. Check out the work of our current students and alumni. Set up a visit to see our campus. At any point of the process, we're happy to chat with you about any questions you have about CCAD, or about art and design schools in general. In the meantime, here are a few things we want to make sure you know:

CCAD students get jobs. 

Among our students, 41% have full time-jobs or plans to pursue further education by the time they graduate. And 84% are working within 6 months of graduating (68% of them within their career interest area).

This is a safe space. 

At CCAD, we take the safety of our students very seriously — and we're proud of our security statistics. While we love being in the heart of an urban environment, we also understand that this is a big change for some students. CCAD security officers are continually stationed around campus, and they’re trained to intervene in emergencies like criminal acts or health crises. Our mission is to create and maintain a safe learning environment for our students.

Your student will be part of a family. 

By coming to CCAD, your son or daughter is joining a connected community that cares deeply about their success. We provide a tremendous amount of services to support their success, including academic tutoring, disability support, counseling, career services, residence life, multicultural support, leadership development and more. It’s a challenging creative environment, but our doors are always open.

It’s a good chunk of change.

We recognize that a college education is a huge investment for most families. So we do our part by working hard to keep costs as low as possible without sacrificing a superior educational experience. CCAD provides millions of dollars in scholarships each year to our students. Plus, statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor show that those with a college diploma earn an average of 65% more than those with only a high school diploma. We're happy to talk with you about your options and the resources available to get your student's CCAD story started.

Get a preview. 

Choosing a college is a big decision and our CCAD College Preview (grades 10-12) is designed to help give a vision to what life at CCAD is really like.