Living Here

If you lived here you’d be home by now.

CCAD is where you'll find the people who question, who see the world differently, who are passionate about art and design and are excited to learn more. These are your people. From the moment you move into one of our contemporary on-campus residence halls, you'll be part of an inclusive culture in a young city that champions creativity, progress and diverse viewpoints. Living on campus your first year, which the majority of our students do, allows you to meet people outside of your major, be able to walk, skateboard or bike to campus events and feel safe and secure in a growing Midwestern city.

CCAD has two on-campus residence halls: Design Square Apartments and Schottenstein Residence Hall. They're both open 24 hours a day during normal college operations and are supervised by desk assistants, CCAD security officers and a resident advisor.

On-campus CCAD housing is managed and staffed by the director of Residence Life, the residential community coordinator and 14 resident advisors. Resident advisors ensure the safety and security of all residents in the buildings, offer educational, personal and professional assistance when appropriate and provide appropriate referrals.

Although CCAD requires first-year and incoming students to live on campus during their first year of study, there are a few exceptions if:

  • you are from the central Ohio area and are commuting to CCAD
  • you are married or have been living with a domestic partner for an extended period of time (Must be verified.)
  • you will be living with an immediate family member while attending CCAD (This exception is provisional and may be denied by the college.)
  • you are transferring to CCAD with a minimum of 24 credit hours completed at another college or university

If you're a student meeting any of the above conditions or seeking an exemption to the requirement, you may request an exemption form from

If you're a returning student, you may seek other Columbus housing options. There are a variety of online resources to find apartments for rent in Columbus near campus, so talk to other students or your advisor for suggestions.

Design Square Apartments

Design Square Apartments combines the convenience of on-campus housing with the independence of apartment living. In this sleek, glass, modern-style building, you’ll have an amazing view of the city right in your living room. Each apartment houses four residents. You’ll have your own private bedroom with workstations and wardrobe. You’ll share two full bathrooms as well as a living room equipped with cable TV and Internet access. The dining area and kitchenette comes with stainless steel appliances and plenty of space for cooking. The building also has laundry facilities, a campus convenience store and a fitness center. CCAD also has summer leases available for these apartments.

Design Square Apartments at Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD) provide sleek, modern living.


Floor plan of Design Square Apartments at Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).


Schottenstein Residence Hall

The Schottenstein Residence Hall provides a close community experience where it's easy to meet new people, walk to a campus event and, overall, get a great start at CCAD. With open-lounge community spaces and secure and bright residence hall rooms, you’ll have the space to get your work done and relax with new friends. Open since 1986, the building is a suite-style residence hall with four residents per suite. Each suite consists of two bedrooms, a common area and one shared bathroom. The building houses 231 other incoming students, eight resident advisors and one professional staff member.

The Schottenstein Residence Hall at Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).


Floor plan of the Schottenstein Residence Hall at Columbus College of Art & Design (CCAD).


Apply for Housing

Incoming and Transfer students can request a housing application from their Admissions counselor or via

Current students can find a copy of the Upper-Level housing application here.