By Cailey Tervo

We are about a month into the fall semester, and friend groups are in the final stages of formation. Mostly. For instance, when I was a freshman, I had trouble socializing and finding friends besides my roommates. I didn’t find a solid group of friends until nearly the end of my freshman year. To help speed along this process for others, here are some simple ways to find friends and socialize here at CCAD.

1. Join Clubs

Having trouble finding people with similar interests? Then go to some of CCAD’s student clubs! CCAD offers clubs that are based on major, hobbies, and social interests. Some clubs include the Illustration Student Collective, Animation Student Collective, Paranormal Club, Queer Alliance, and many more! Search for these clubs on facebook to get more information and get involved.

2. Do Homework Outside of Your Room

True, it is sometimes easier to lock yourself in your room and marathon six hours of homework, but it’s not a very sociable habit. Instead, try doing homework out the student lounge in Crane, the labs in Kinney, or in the lobby of Schottenstein or DSA. Not only is there the opportunity to socialize with others while you do your work, you can also ask fellow students for feedback on what you’re working on.

3. Go to CCAD Events

The Student Programing Board and Residence Life both offers tons of student events throughout the semester. Go to them! There will other students there to meet and socialize with, and there will also probably be free food! It’s a win-win. Keep an eye out for posters around campus promoting upcoming events.

The best advice I can give is to put yourself out there, and have fun! Go out and do the things you enjoy, and you'll find others who also enjoy doing those things.

Cailey is a senior illustrator major, RA, president of the Illustration Student Collective, comic artist, and cat enthusiast. She also probably needs a nap. You can view her work on her website