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Charlotte Belland, professor and chair of Animation at Columbus College of Art & Design, created 38 charming illustrations of the pets of Columbus LGBTQ+ people and allies for the exhibition Pets Together at Columbus’s John Glenn International Airport.

The Ohio Art League-sponsored exhibition at the airport’s Gateway to the Arts gallery celebrates pets of all shapes and sizes—including dogs, cats, ducks (and other feathered friends), a guinea pig, a rabbit, and even a horse.

The show presents the Belland’s eye-catching and often amusing pet portraits alongside information about the contributions of the animals’ owners, who include artists, educators, cultural and civic leaders, small business owners, and elected officials, all people making meaningful contributions to the central Ohio community and points well beyond.

This is the first time I have identified myself as part of the Columbus LGBTQ+ community through my art,” says Belland. “Art is defined by its ability to elicit a reaction. The pairing of sweet, happy pets with LGBTQ+ people and their causes is primed for a variety of reactions.”

Belland, an avid animal lover known for her daily creature illustrations on Instagram, shares her motivation for the exhibition was to create positive community connections by visually introducing viewers to a diverse group of Columbus-area residents via portraits of their pets. She hopes the exhibition resonates with broad swaths of the population and creates a sense of commonality within the complexities of the human experience.

Scroll through the below gallery to see a variety of pets from LGBTQ+ people and allies who are part of the CCAD community, and see all 38 pets and their owner stories here.

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