As a project manager at WD Partners, a branding agency in Columbus, Courtney Patton wears many hats. In addition to helping designers on her teams with everything from idea mapping to prototype rendering (tasks her time as a senior environments designer at the firm helped prepare her for), she also has to seamlessly juggle multidisciplinary team schedules, client expectations, keeping her desk’s popular candy jar fully loaded, and so much more. It’s a daily balancing act of teamwork and self-discipline she also practiced mastering as an Interior Design student and administrative assistant at CCAD. We caught up with Patton for a peek at where she makes it all happen.

Can you describe your workspace?

This is my desk. It’s pretty spacious, which is nice because I typically have drawings, sets, materials, all sorts of things sprawled over it. Other fun things on my desk include a “life hack” calendar that is a definite conversation starter among coworkers, a Nerf gun (which comes in handy more than you’d think), and a big bowl of candy, which typically makes me a good stop for everyone coming and going.

What kind of work do you do in this space?

I am an interior designer. In particular, my role at WD is project manager. My day to day includes managing a team of 10 or so people, from architects and engineers to designers. My role is to provide leadership to the team across all disciplines—from managing project timelines and resources to supporting the design team with concepting and rendering.

How do you work?

I like to work late at night because it’s quiet and I can really think through what I’m doing. I’ve always been a night owl. There’s just something really peaceful about having time to recap on the day with no one else around. Is that weird? Maybe, but it works for me.

What do you love about your space?

I love that it’s located at the edge of our studio, near the door. I see everyone come and go, and everyone stops by to talk to me. Maybe because they, literally, have to pass me to leave, but I enjoy it. Also, my company recently invested in transitional desks. I LOVE mine—I feel more active, more creative, more efficient, especially in the afternoons when I’m feeling tired, standing really helps me stay focused and on my game.