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1. Turn it in ASAP.
CCAD looks at applications on a rolling deadline, which means that the sooner you turn it in, the sooner we will start reviewing it.

2. Proof your application.
You can send a draft of your application to your admissions counselor via email; it would also be worthwhile to have teachers or family members review your application.

3. Personalized Letters of Recommendation.
Carefully consider who to ask for Letters of Recommendation. You can ask teachers, employers, coaches, and other adults that aren’t related to you. They should know you well so that they have enough to say about you. Once you have the letters, you can email or mail them to CCAD. It is also beneficial to personalize the letter to the institution; they should focus on why you would be a great fit for CCAD, and what makes you a good candidate.

4. Transcripts.
Things can get busy during the admission season, so give your school plenty of time to send us your transcripts. If your grades improve after the first semester, you can always send an additional unofficial transcript for more brownie points. For prime scholarship opportunities, CCAD likes to see grades that show an improvement from freshman to senior year and a GPA above 3.5.

5. A Creative Portfolio.
Try to include as much recent work in your portfolio as possible. Use the first few slides to inlcude a few pictures of collages of your sketchbook, then use the remaining space to showcase your best work. Place your best pieces at start, middle and end of your portfolio. Try not to have your strongest pieces next to ones that are not your favorites. Colleges tend to like a series of art pieces centered around a topic, so try to include some near the end of your portfolio. You can get scholarships based on your portfolio, so spend some time to ensure it looks professional and fits your declared major.

6. Prime Photographs.
To learn how to take better pictures of your artwork, click here.

7. Personal Statement.
Make sure that the committee sees your personality in your essay or video. Tell us about who you are, why you make art, and why CCAD is a great fit for you.

8. Visit CCAD.
Attend as many CCAD events and visit as much as possible. CCAD keeps track of who comes around, contacts them and seems genuinely interested in becoming part of the CCAD family. (You can also take a virtual tour.)

9. Extras.
CCAD wants to see what your interests are, outside of art. Tell us about clubs you are part of, sports you like to play, volunteer and community work you've done, and any other activities that you enjoy.

10. Don't get too Stressed.
Take a deep breath, try not to procrastinate, and believe in yourself. Applying for college can be a very confusing and stressful process. We would suggest that you apply to around 3 schools that you're most interested in. It will allow you to compare scholarship packages and have back ups. Applying to too many or too few colleges can result in a lot of frustration and stress. Take care of yourself, everything will be alright.

P.S. You can apply here.

Best of Luck with your applications.