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Kyle Brock, a campus recruiter at Cartoon Network’s parent company, Turner Broadcasting System, recently wrapped up his annual visit to Columbus College of Art & Design.

“Last fall, I hired CCAD alumni,” Brock said. “The work they are doing is fantastic. I knew I had to get to CCAD to meet with more students.”

We talked to him about why CCAD students stand out and a few pro tips for anyone looking to work at places like Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Turner Studios.

What makes CCAD students stand apart: “[They] seem to know many disciplines and are not on one track,” Brock said. “For example, illustration students have knowledge of animation and how to bring their illustrations to life.”

Where CCAD grads are working at his company: “The two current CCAD alums I know of are working with Cartoon Network Social. They create content that gets pushed out on our social networks.”

What you might do if you get hired: “I recruit for our entry-level program. These are roles across the company in many disciplines [ranging] from marketing to sports social management to traditional design work and production.”

What about a great portfolio grabs your attention? “I like portfolios that get straight to the point. When I click on it, the home page should have your reel, if applicable. I should not have to dig through a portfolio to see your greatest work,” he said. “I think style is more important than substance. Cartoon Network is for kids. You should see work targeted to kids in your portfolio.”

Three things students interviewing with Brock should be able to answer:

1. Explain what you want to be doing in your next internship to set you up for success in the future.

2. Discuss which software you’re most and least familiar with (typically Adobe suite).

3. Just be relaxed and personable. We are a fun company and want fun people to work with us!


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