Corporate & Community Partnerships

We create outstanding collaborative learning partnerships for talented students and alumni, expert faculty, and forward-thinking organizations to solve the real-world challenges of today and tomorrow.



“I’m really blown away. The breadth and the depth of the creativity is just mind blowing. We love the results!”

—Bob Wheeler, CEO of Airstream






CCAD Fashion Design students gather with COSI President and CEO Frederic Bertley, PhD (center) and Vice President of External Affairs, Strategic Initiatives, and Business Development Stephen White, Esq. (far right) to celebrate their final presentation of new uniform concepts for COSI’s staff. Photo by Stephanie Wott.

Recent learning partners

To see the full list of past partners, please visit our learning partners page.

Our vision

Transform the world from inside the classroom as partners in reimagining health care, social justice, transportation, education, retail, sustainability, culture, and conversations critical to our collective future. Every student will leave CCAD with professional level, real-world experiences relevant to their major that demonstrates how they can immediately impact their chosen profession and the world at large.


“It was great to be a part of an amazing, important, and large-scale project. Our learning partners provided constructive feedback and pushed us to design with purpose. Working in a small group of graphic designers while also collaborating with the full team of other majors was not only fun, but felt real-world and professional.”

—Jillian Farris (Advertising & Graphic Design, 2022)


Let’s work together


Sponsored charrette

24–72 hours

Rapid ideation

20+ students

3+ faculty members


Sponsored project

4–8 weeks

Primarily 1 major

10+ students

1 faculty member


Sponsored course

16+ weeks

1+ majors

10+ students

1+ faculty members


The process


We work with you to create a project idea


Together, we define timeline, engagements, scope, and budget


We realize the entirety of the project, from kickoff to completion 


We celebrate and publicize outcomes through press and presentations


We document through case studies and other media


Key deadlines

We plan projects in advance to give faculty and organizations time to create outstanding engagements. Here are the deadlines:

key deadlines image

Recent news

Our history

CCAD’s Corporate & Community Partnerships office has innovation at its core. Founded in 2010 as the MindMarket, it was developed by local business, civic, and academic leaders to serve as the college’s entrepreneurial and innovation springboard. Thank you to these founding supporters for their visionary leadership and support of the original MindMarket initiative, which has flourished into an ethos that interwoven into every major at CCAD. Their impact continues to strengthen the lives and futures of our students and alumni today and beyond.

Founding supporters:

Huntington Bank

L Brands Foundation

Wolfe Associates, Inc.

City of Columbus

Franklin County

Corna Kokosing Construction Co.

Ingram-White Castle Foundation

Beverly A. Ryan