Alfredo Weeks

Adjunct Faculty
CORE Studies

United States

A true native of the world who was born in Washington D.C., Alfredo Weeks takes an inward perspective while giving an out-ward embrace when it comes to design and creative strategy. Panamanian heritage with an influence of Afro-Caribbean and Arab cultures, have allowed vibrant colors and bold strokes to dominate these aesthetics of Alfredo's work. A graduate from the Art Institute of Washington D.C. with a BFA in Advertising and the co-owner of FRINGE22 Studio, a graphic design and creative strategy co-op has set a foundation in putting Alfredo's formal training into practice. Having the opportunity of working under renowned artists such as Sylvia Snowden and maintaining involvment in various social justice initiatives have influenced his multiple skillsets and insights within the creative arena. With a rich energy for cultural understanding and a will to become relatable Alfredo chooses the arts in his arsenal of tools to promote social discourse.