Charlotte Belland teaches Cafe Sketch, Drawing for Storyboarding, Color Scripts for Animation, and Special Topics Courses at CCAD. In 2014 Belland began CCAD Sketch, a weekly sketch session that focuses on bringing animal ambassadors onto campus for observation, interaction, and drawing.

Belland’s artistic practice focuses on capturing the immediacy of animal action with ink drawings. Belland explores the blending of anatomical accuracy and the beauty of animals with a sparkle of mischief; the way an animal tilts its head, focuses its eyes, or how it leans into the pose.

Belland has hosted animal ambassador drawing sessions at LightBox Expo, presented at online at Making Midwest, and displayed her internet dog illustrations on billboards around the country as part of the ArtPop Street Gallery Class of 2019. Her work has been seen in local galleries, in the Equitas Health's Art for Life fundraiser, and on the walls of central Ohio restaurants. Belland also has worked with students to design cardboard enrichment for the animals of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, a project captured by WOSU Public Media’s Broad & High art and culture program, and can be viewed online here.

Belland earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Computer Animation from The Ohio State University. Part of her creative habit is to post a daily animal drawing to Instagram.