Charlotte Belland

Chair of Animation

Design Studios on Broad
United States

Charlotte Belland, BFA, MFA is Chair and Professor of Animation. She teaches Drawing for Storyboarding, Color Scripts for Animation, Intro to Animation, and Special Topics Courses. Her artistic practice focuses on capturing the immediacy of animal movement with ink drawings.

“Working with ink is foundational to my process because the quick, permanent medium keeps me focused in the present moment. Even though my ink drawings are a single moment in time, the energy of the gesture that leads and follows that moment must resonate in the lines. This energy honors the essence of the animal and encourages viewers to pause and appreciate the beauty of the animal realm.”

Belland graduated with a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Computer Animation from The Ohio State University. Part of her creative habit is to post a daily animal drawing to Instagram. Those drawings can be viewed here:

MFA First Year Advisor