Diane Rambo

Senior Vice President, Creative, Big Red Rooster
MPS Retail Design Advisory Board

United States

Senior Vice President, Creative, Big Red Rooster

With more than 30 years retail experience, Diane activates design to translate brands into engaging experiences. 

In Diane’s mind, design is more than just a creative expression. She is a color theory expert who sees design of environments, communications, lighting, fixtures, and products as the delivery mechanisms for brand experiences. When design elements work together seamlessly, they evoke the right brand feeling while simultaneously serving as a well-oiled operational machine.

Today, her peers recognize her as one of the professionals influencing and leading retail’s future. Whether she's working with a big-box retailer, service provider, or specialty fashion brand, Diane's flexible approach, refined expertise, and vast skill set allow her to approach each project with a fresh, open-minded perspective. Top-tier brands that benefit from her expertise include Nike, American Express, Jack Daniel’s, ALDI, Hudson, Krispy Kreme, Empire State Realty.